Friday, 11 January 2008

Alexander Perry Watson

Our net was down for 8 hours yesterday!!! I went through major withdrawals and couldn't post the news that Nicki gave birth to a little boy yesterday at 3.52 pm - Alexander Perry Watson. He was 8 lb 12 oz. I believe that they went into hospital in the early hours of the morning. Everything went really well and in the end it was a water birth! I delivered Harri in the bath at the hospital also and loved it, so I'm glad she got to experience what it was like too. It was by far the easiest of my births and Harri was such a settled baby and I'm sure the birth helped.

I have been waiting for Alex to email me a photo, but haven't got one yet. We will go up to Burnie to visit them tomorrow. We are all very excited and can't wait to meet 'little Alex'. We will have to get used to having a 'little Alex' and 'big Alex'.


  1. What wonderful news! Congratulations to Nicki! I'll have to check back soon and see the pics!
    Cas xox

  2. FANTASTIC! Gotta love the blog for passing on info quickly!

  3. Man You are so far behind, I checked up last night to see the announcement and nothing. haha


  4. I know! Talk about frustrating! Aaron was on the phone for an hour to Dodo and they couldn't fix it till this morning. I was just about going mad!!!


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