Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Back to 'Work'!

Yesterday I started working again with the Family Based Care, school holiday program. I love rubbing it into Aaron, as it is such a great job. I leave for work pretending I am dreading it saying 'oh well, I'd better get to work!'.

Yesterday was ten pin bowling. I was put with the 16 year old autistic girl that responded well to me last time. My boss has been great and said that if I don't feel comfortable working with certain kids or activities (because of safety reasons as I am pregnant) then I don't have to work with them, and to just let her know. The girl was pretty good and sat with me most of the time (she is a runner). She continually hugged me and sat on top of me, and I even got one bite on the hand as she was excited, so it was lots of fun! :)

Another disabled girl that I got along well with last time was there and ran up to me and gave me a big hug when she saw me. She brought her leavers dinner photos along to show me and was so excited when I showed her my big tummy! She kept saying she was going to come to the hospital to visit me when I have the baby.

Today I didn't have to work, but we participated in the program as a family. We went to Kids Paradise. Noah decided to be really boring and slept the whole time, so he sat with my boss while we spent time with Jay and Harri. It was nice to catch up with a family who we met in hospital a few years ago. Their son has Downs Syndrome and was in hospital with leukemia. We spent many weeks in hospital together, and the Mum and I would often meet in the parents room and have a hot drink and chat about what was going on with our boys. Her son is in remission and doing really well.

I did get a photo of Jalen in the beauty parlour, but he yelled at me 'don't put that on your blog!'.

Every school holidays we choose the movies as one of our activities. This time we got the option of going with the group (and having workers there to assist us) or we could get free tickets to go anytime we wanted. We don't usually need any workers to help us, so we opted to get tickets and go on our this time. We decided to use the tickets today as I will be working a lot from now on and we are going away. The boys thought it was great - kids paradise and the movies in one day! We saw Enchanted which was really good. Jay cracked up laughing the whole time.

We feel very lucky to be able to participate (and work) in such a great program. There is no way we could afford to so many activities with the boys during the holidays on our own. It is also nice having the extra pair of hands if and when we need it.

Tomorrow I am working two shifts (what a BIG day! :) In the morning I am helping out at the movies - we are going to see Bee Movie. They say that the movies is either the easiest one to work at or the hardest depending on which family you are assigned to. I have seen some of the autistic kids run up to the front, half way through the movie. It should be interesting!

In the afternoon we are going sailing on a yacht! The kids even get to help with the sails etc depending on the conditions (and the kids). My boss told me that I will be working with the autistic girl - I just hope she is having a good day and sits down! Another worker will also be assigned to work with her. The other worker works with an autistic boy at school so she is great with her. My boss is trying to work it out so that we can also go sailing as a family for one of the sessions. The boys would love it!


  1. Happy New Year Lisa!
    Jared and I saw Enchanted in the holidays! I absolutley loved it!
    Sounds like you guys had a lovely christmas break!
    Love Cas x

  2. It sounds like heaps of fun but I bet it is also alot of hard work - but then again you are the epitome of hard work. xx

  3. Looks like so much fun, wish there was a program like that here. so happy to hear you are enjoying working.

  4. Glad you are having fun and making money too! I want to see Enchanted.


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