Friday, 4 January 2008


Today we took the three boys to see 'Bee Movie'. It was actually really good - better than Aaron and I expected. The boys loved it.

At the cinema there was a big poster promoting the new movie - 'Alvin and the Chipmunks' and there was also a trailer for it before the movie. Harri was so funny and kept getting excited and yelled out 'The Chickenmunks!'. I told him it was 'The CHIPmunks', but he kept yelling out 'no Mummy, its the chickenmunks!'. After the movie he was asking us if we could go and see the 'chickenmunks' next. We all wet ourselves laughing. It sounds like some terrible new disease!


  1. Mason has been dying to see that - I'm hoping Uncle Sam and AUnty Tif take hime to see it tomorrow.

  2. So did you end up going to the chickenmunks movie. Junior gets excited every time he sees the commercial on tv.

  3. Heidi - no, haven't see it yet. Hopefully will get to see it before the holidays are over (we don't go back to school till mid Feb, since we are having SUMMER holidays :)
    This morning Harri came into our bedroom and said 'go see the chickenmunks today?!'.


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