Friday, 11 January 2008

We are sailing!

Yesterday morning my boss from work rang to tell me that the autistic girl I was going to be supervising at sailing was sick. I thought she was going to tell me that I wasn't needed to work, but instead she asked me if I would like to still work, but also have the boys and Aaron come along. Of course we jumped a the chance.

We had another family come on our boat who had a daughter with Downs Syndrome as well as my boss, Deb and another worker.

It was such a hot day, and even hotter out on the water as there wasn't much of a breeze, but it was fun. Jay loved it - he wasn't scared at all and kept leaning over the edge and asking if he could go in for a swim.

The boys both got to help steer.

Noah decided about a minute after we got on to have a sleep! Half way through Aaron and I swapped and had a turn each of holding him. It was so hot as we both had life jackets on.

Harri got sick of it very quickly and said he wanted to go home after a little while, but once he went underneath and got to help pull the ropes for the sail he decided it was fun again.

We decided we would give the other boat a race, but once they started to get way ahead we pulled out of the race ;)

It was nice to do something different as a family, even though it was so hot. When we got home we decided to go up to the Basin for a swim to cool down.


  1. Wow, how exciting, that looks like great fun. Noah sure had the right idea, napping in the sun.

  2. Good to see you all wearing your hats - what time did you go to the basin. I left about 10 past 4.

  3. We went to the basin at about 4.45 pm till 5.45pm. Bummer we missed you Simone.

  4. Looks live we have alot to live up to to keep harri interested on your next holiday.

    looks like a fun day



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