Monday, 21 January 2008

Back to the Grind Stone ;)

After a week of relaxation, today was time to get back to reality and go back to 'work' :) Today it was ten pin bowling and my boss had worked it so that the boys and Aaron could also come while I was working, as we put it down as one of our activities we wanted to do.

When I got there the other workers told me that the 16 year old autistic girl was there, so my boss had assigned me to work with her. If she wasn't there I would probably have been able to work with my own family plus another one, but it worked out well. We were on the lanes next to each other, so I still got to watch the boys (when I wasn't chasing the girl around!) and Aaron had also had a worker helping him with the boys.

Aaron was told he was on camera duty which I don't think he was happy about :) Check out Jay's style. I don't think it worked for him since he came last!

When the boys started to bowl, Harri came over to me while I was with the autistic girl and said 'come on Mum, get your shoes on!'. I told him that I was working and showed him my name tag. He then said 'oh - is she your friend?', and I told him she was. He said 'hi' and then was happy to go back and bowl again.

It was great as Noah was wide awake and happy the whole time. The past few days he has been awake most of the day which has been really nice.

Proof that I was actually there working hard, with my very official looking name badge on ;)

Tomorrow I am working two shifts - Kids Paradise in the morning, and then in the afternoon swimming for two hours. We usually take it in shifts where we are in the pool for half the session and 'spotting' and helping with dressing etc. the other half.


  1. How do I get a job like that? Who am I kidding? I couldnt give up 5am starts. haha

  2. Hi Lisa
    I reckon you've got a pretty good job...close to Noah...I think thats great...

  3. Looks like the kids had a great time and I love the picture of you and Noah.

  4. I agree! I'm thinking you look great Lisa!!!!! Love the pic of you and Noah

  5. Hi Lisa
    Can you tell me your blog address so I can officially put you on my blog instead of going into Simone's and reading your blog..
    Thanks Jackie


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