Thursday, 10 January 2008

Morning tea with the girls

This morning Bec, Lynne and I met our friend Mel and her kids for morning tea. Bec and I grew up with Mel in Deloraine, but she is now a Queenslander. We usually get to catch up with her once a year or so, when she comes down to catch up with family and friends.

When I arrived Bec and Lynne were already there and they cracked up laughing when I walked in and saw my tummy, as the three of us are pregnant and all our tummy's are poking out. We were joking like it was Pregnant Women Anonymous - saying 'hi, I'm Lisa and I'm 21 weeks'. Bec is now 32 weeks and Lynne is 27 weeks.

It was great to see Mel, Alex and Brooke. Her kids are cute and growing up very fast. Alex told us he wanted to be a jockey when he gets older (just like his Dad) and Brooke wants to be a dancer.

Lynne's son Luke is a cutie. He cracked us up with his funny little expressions. Lynne is pretending she is eating a rice cake here, rather than the HUGE piece of carrot cake that both she and I had!

Alex showed off his photography skills and took some photos after Lynne had left. Mel was the odd one out, not being pregnant, and she is not keen on joining in with us :(


  1. MAN - you get out and about Lisa! Do you ever have a day where you just stay home?

  2. ha ha Tone. I had to actually book in the morning tea as I only had two times in the week that I could do it! I need a holiday! :)Its easier to get out more as your kids get older :)


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