Sunday, 20 January 2008

Bedroom buddies

Harri loved sharing a bedroom at St Helen's so much that last night he came and asked if he could sleep in Jay's room. He knew that when the baby comes that they would be sharing a room. He came up to me and asked 'has your baby gone Mum?'. He often asks me that as some days it is very obvious that I am pregnant, and other days it isn't so obvious (to a 3 year old anyway - depending on what I am wearing). On the days when I have looser tops on he comes and asks 'has your baby gone Mum?'. I show him my big tummy and he smiles and goes 'oh' and is happy as he knows it is still on the way.

When he asked me if the baby was still there last night, I showed him my tummy and he said 'I sleep in Jay's room after tea and brush teeth - not when baby comes' - meaning that he wanted to sleep in there that night.

We had a talk to Jay about it and he straight away burst into tears, saying he didn't want him to share with him just yet! After about an hour of tears and talking Jay came around to the idea. By the time it was bedtime both the boys were very excited!

It took them a little while to go to sleep, but not too long. It was funny listening to them chat away. Hopefully after a few nights Harri will be used to it and will go straight to sleep like he usually does.

This morning Jay said that he loved having Harri share his room and that they were 'buddies'.

Now we have the job of clearing out Harri's old room and moving all his stuff into Jay's room, to get ready for the baby.


  1. Jay and Harri are growing up so much, it's good they can start to do it now. Don't think i could share again, perhaps they need some wallpaper of trucks like we had growing up. haha

  2. It's funny those of us that shared rooms with our siblings have such fond memories...... I think!

  3. So cute, I remember sharing a room with my sis growing up.

  4. Hi Lisa,
    Thanks for your message!Blogging is lots of fun but I can feel I am already getting TOO addicted! It's a great way to keep a family record though...:)


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