Monday, 7 January 2008

Afternoon at the Basin

This afternoon Di came to care for Noah for three hours. It is usually only two hours and goes really fast, so we made the most of it and did a couple of jobs and then took the boys up to the Basin. The pool was a lot warmer today, so I even got in! While we were there we ran into Tammy, Jason and the kids.

After a little swim we decided to make the most of the extra time and go for a walk.

We said to the boys we were going to go for a walk to see if we could find any animals (wallaby's and peacocks), so Harri asks 'we're going see the lion's and elephants!?'. We told him that was going to be in a few weeks when we go and visit Uncle Chrish, so he decided instead to look for Pokemon's the whole walk! He kept telling us to be quiet the whole time so he could find Pokemon's!

We did see some ducks and peacocks, but no wallaby's.

Aaron teased me the whole time about being a tourist with my camera. Jay is starting to turn out just like me! He loves using my camera.

It was a really nice afternoon. Even though Noah was with Di for three hours, the time still flew.


  1. What a fund day, did Jay take the picture of you and Aaron. If so he did a very good job.
    Still strange to see you guys in shorts and at the pool when it is so cold here.

  2. Yes - Jay took the photo of Aaron and I. He loves it when he gets to use the camera.

  3. such a cute photo of you and Aaron! You are getting a bit savvy with that camera Lisa...I had a goal to take photos every day but it aint happening yet!


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