Tuesday, 1 January 2008

New Years Day

For New Years Day we thought we would get together with the family up at Hawley Beach. As kids we used to always go there on New Years Day and Australia Day. I always remember everyone from church being there and playing with my cousins and siblings. I actually can't remember such a nice day at Hawley. The weather was actually warm and the water was beautiful! Today is was perfect.

When we arrived Harri saw Maddi and said 'she's my friend'. He then asked 'where are all the kids?', wondering where Lizzie, Rohan and all the Triffitt kids were. He figured that they were with us at Bridport yesterday, so they were going to be at Hawley as well. When we walked onto the beach he wasn't impressed to start with and said 'it's too big!', meaning that there was a lot of sand and the water was so far away.

Once Harri and Jay got to the water Harri didn't seem to mind that the water was so far away.

Everyone spent heaps of time in the water, playing in the rock pools and taking in the sun. Unfortunately a few of us got a bit too much sun, including myself. I will be paying for it tonight.

Noah had a pretty happy day. He slept for a lot of the morning and woke up after lunch. He wasn't too keen on the water today, and started crying after a few minutes. Some time in the sun cheered him up though.

Jay and Harri had a great time with Uncle Alex digging big rivers around all the rocks.

While Mum and Aaron were away getting icecreams, we ran into Toni, Jaron and Oscar. It must be so nice to live so close to the beach. Oscar stayed and played while Toni and Jaron went for a swim.
I said to the girls to not say anything to Mum, but to see how long it takes her to notice Oscar. She didn't notice him, so Aaron made a comment to her how it must be nice to have so many grandkids now. She said it was and he asked her how many she had. She said she had six and he said 'so you have 4 of them here now, 2 down there with Alex and Chloe, so how many is that?'. Mum for a second thought she had it worked out all wrong and said 'oh - I have 7!'. We all cracked up and Aaron asked her to name them. She starts going through them and then points to Oscar (who was hiding under a hat - I will give her that!) and goes 'and..... who is that!?'. We all wet ourselves laughing and told her it was Oscar. She said that she thought all along it was Harri so she didn't take any notice of him. Poor Mum.

It was a great day. I'm glad that we got out of Launceston for the day as when we got back it was 32 degrees! Way too hot for me. Poor Nicki must be feeling the heat way more than any of us. She is very keen to have this baby. Next week she will be 40 weeks and I will be 20 weeks. The midwife told me at my appointment yesterday that my tummy was quite big, but I'm glad I'm not as big as Nicki (just yet), being in the middle of Summer. Hopefully she will have the baby soon. We are all keen to meet him or her!


  1. Beautiful pics! (oh how i am coveting your camera!) Thanks for watching Osc today - I showed Jaron his photo and he goes "are you serious - she has already blogged about that?!" he so does not understand the blog obsession!

  2. The beach is beautiful, what a great day.

  3. I love that story about Oscar - and your bellies are very beautiful! Your beach pictures ARE really good.

  4. Another 20 wks and we will need to get another shot of your belly.I can't believe you are already halfway and still lifting heavier weights than me in pump. Legend status!!


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