Monday, 9 July 2007


Last week I had lots of fun babysitting Oliver for Pip. He is now 9 weeks old and has grown up so fast! He is a cutie. Pip was going to go shopping and had commented the week before how shopping with a baby isn't very much fun, so I jumped at the chance to offer to babysit.

I had him for about two hours and he was so good! Pip has him trained very well and he is a very good baby. He sat up on the couch for a little while and loved watching Harri get all dressed up in different costumes! I don't think he could work out what was going on as he couldn't take his eyes off him!

He then had a little play on the floor and was so good. I would go over and talk to him and he would give me a big smile and talk back to me. I was wondering what Harri would think of it all, but he didn't even care he was here! I kept telling him to go over and talk to him and he wouldn't! At least he wasn't jealous I guess.

After a little while he started to get a bit grumpy so I thought it must have been time for a sleep. I wrapped him up and he let out a huge scream for about 20 seconds and then he was fast asleep!! He slept for the next hour and forty minutes! What a good boy!!

He obviously liked staying at Auntie Lisa's house! It was lots of fun looking after him and I'm glad Pip got to go shopping and relax a little bit on her own. Hopefully we can do it again soon. It is a lot more fun when they aren't your own and you know you don't have to get up in the night to feed them.

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  1. he is so very cute and old looking now! so...what hours does lisa's baby sitting service open? a bit of alone shopping time sounds great!!!!


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