Saturday, 7 July 2007


Jalen went on his first sleepover last night. He has never stayed a night away from home without us, as he has never wanted to until now - even though Grandma and Grandpa have tried to have him before! His friend from school - Brayden had his 8th birthday and invited four of his best friends over to his house to stay the night.

Jay was very excited! All week he was counting down to the night of the sleepover. He kept telling us he was going to have more fun than us, but then when the day arrived for it he kept saying 'I'm excited but I'm going to miss you', and I could tell that he was a little bit worried about it. Brayden is an Adelaide Crows fan so we bought him an Adelaide Crows football shaped alarm clock.

All of Jay's best friends also went - Conner, Scotty and Conner - there are two Conner's in Jay's class at school and both of their last names start with D so it can get very confusing at times - we usually call them 'little Conner' and 'big Conner'. Scotty and Brayden are both in different classes at school to Jalen and the two Conner's but they all went to Kinder together and have been good friends ever since.

We loaded up all of Jalen's gear including his Hawthorn sleeping bag and pillow and Harri goes 'where is my Wiggles bed?' thinking that he was going to stay the night as well! I told him that he could come for a drive to Brayden's house but he couldn't stay the night, so of course there were lots of tears! We were about to get in the car to take Jay to Brayden's when 'big' Conner pulled up outside with his Mum saying that they could take him if we wanted. He jumped in the car with Conner and then kept yelling out of the window 'I'll miss you Mum!'.

They all went out and had a counter meal for tea. Where they went is very kid friendly and had a jumping castle, so they had lots of fun! Jay thought it was very exciting to go out for a special tea. The rest of the night they played eight ball, game boy, ate and watched Scooby Doo on DVD and got a little bit of sleep. We got a phone call at 10.40pm from Brayden's Mum saying that Jay wanted to say goodnight. He sounded very quiet - like he was homesick but he said he was having lots of fun.

When I put Harri into bed last night he goes 'where's Jay Jay?' and I reminded him he was at Bradden's and he started to cry saying he wanted Jay. It was a very quiet night without him. Jalen took his digital camera and took some photos of the night. He had a great time and is very tired.


  1. Wow! I never thought I'd see the day when Jay stayed sopmewhere without you guys!! Well i guess he'll be going lots of places now!

  2. Well good to see he has some friends who support the mighty crows



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