Monday, 30 July 2007

Family Day Care

I have always wondered what it would be like to be a 'Family Day Carer' and today I found out! Di asked me if I could have Skye for a little while this morning, so she came along to the gym with Harri and I. While I was at the gym, Simone asked me if I minded taking her two kids for a little while as she had an quick appointment, which would be a lot easier without the kids.

I thought the more the merrier so after the gym I loaded all four kids into the van and we went to 'Kickstart' at the Kinder, which is a pre-kinder group for kids from birth to age 4. It is on once a fortnight. Harri was so excited to go. Almost every day for the last week he has been asking if we could go to 'Harri's school'. I have been taking my new camera with me everywhere I go, which was handy today as I got to take a photo of all the kids together. I think Harri is over the photos now - he keeps saying 'no photo Mummy!', and turns away when he sees the camera.

When we got to the Kinder Hallie yells out 'cool'! when she saw all the fun things to do. When I walked in with the four kids, one of the Mum's that I know was laughing and saying I looked like a Family Day Carer. The kids had a great time playing and the weather was so nice and sunny, so we spent lots of time outside. Oliver and Hallie are very different to my boys - they are big climbers! I just about freaked out when I saw Oliver climbing up this huge ladder, but he handled it very well. I'm not used to kids wanting to climb so much!

After we came home for a quick lunch we then had to pick up Noah from school to take him to St Giles to get his wheelchair adjusted. He has had the same chair for 5 years now and it is going pretty well considering how old it is, but it is a little bit rickety lately and he isn't looking quite so good in it. An hour later the chair was feeling a lot better and was a lot easier to push. It wasn't worth taking Noah back to school, so he wagged school for the afternoon and stayed with Harri and I. We raced into town before picking up Jay, to try to get new tie down belts for the van. The ones we have are so frayed and aren't very safe. After trying two places, we left town with two frayed seatbelts still. One guy told me to come back tomorrow and he will fix them.

We had ten minutes to fill in, so I took Harri and Noah to the petshop on the way back the car. Harri was hilarious - freaking out at the little puppies everytime they barked! He didnt mind the quiet ones behind the glass, but the yappy ones in cages he wasn't so keen on! Behind the counter was a cockatoo and he got so excited and goes 'look Mum - a parrot - like Captain Featherswords!'. Too much Wiggles for that boy.

The funniest thing all day was Harri with his new 'Cars' tracksuit jumper that he got from Mum yesterday. All day he had the hood on, even though it was very mild. Any other day he would chuck a tantrum because he wouldn't want a jumper on! I asked him if he wanted to take his jumper off when it got warm, but it was a very definate 'No!'. He loves it! Even after his bath tonight he wanted to put it back on and cried when I told him he had to get his PJ's on.

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  1. very cute! and there is NO such thing as too much wiggles!!!


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