Saturday, 28 July 2007

Picnic at the park

Today was such a nice day for winter! The sun was out and it was quite mild - for Tassie anyway! We thought we would take the boys for a bike ride and picnic. We had planned on going to the Seaport but when we got there, there was some running race on and people were everywhere, so we knew we wouldn't be allowed to ride the bikes there. It was way too busy anyway and there was no way we would have found a parking spot, especially since someone had already taken the disabled park (how rude! :o).

We decided to go to City Park which was a good choice as there weren't many people there. We got some hot chips for lunch, but I think half of them went to the seagulls!

Harri kept saying 'just one more!' everytime he wanted to throw the seagulls another chip.

The boys had a great time playing in the playground and then the boys rode their bikes around the park to see the monkeys, with a quick visit to the ducks on the way.

Harri kept saying he didn't want to see the monkeys and when I asked him why and he said they were 'monsters' and was scared of them! As soon as we got there though he was very excited and decided they weren't so scary after all and kept saying 'look Jay - monkeys!'.

After checking out the flowers we had a little game of soccer - it wasn't very successful as Harri decided he didn't want to kick it but kept throwing it instead! He also didn't want to play without his 'blankie' so he held onto it the whole time. I don't think he will be the next David Beckham.

Noah was really happy to be out and about and in the sun. It was so nice - felt like Spring already! Jalen commented in the car on the way home that it felt like Queensland (um - not quite Jay - I think you have forgotten what it was really like up there). The car was actually hot from the sun and we had to open the windows on the way home! Can't wait until winter is really over.

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  1. Jalen is so tall and thin! And Harri is no longer a baby. I guess it's time for a little baby girl to grace your home...


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