Monday, 2 July 2007


Aaron is a BIG fan of eBay (unfortunately for our bank balance!). Almost every week we get at least one or two little packages in the mail - usually with DVD's or basketball or football cards in them. He has also bought a few bigger items like a DVD recorder and luckily we have never been ripped off.

Lately he has wanted to buy a few more things than normal, and lucky for me he realised that he needed to find a way to fund the things he wanted. Aaron is a great collector of items. He probably has about 5000 basketball cards sitting under our bed as well as old vinyl records that collectors would kill for. For a long time I have been onto him to sell some of the stuff (I call it junk!) on eBay. There are some things he will never sell - like the Sergeant Peppers Lonely Heartclub Band on red vinyl , but he finally decided that he no longer needed his lovely 1960s Beatles tablecloth. Aaron is a big Beatles fan but the tablecloth has been sitting in the cupboard collecting dust for years.

He put it on Ebay to sell last week and put the starting bid down as $25 and was hoping to maybe get $50. He actually thought he put a 'buy it now' button on the page with a price of $50 but lucky for him it didn't work! The tablecloth sold yesterday for $190.40 to a lady in Brisbane! She is obviously a bigger Beatles fan than Aaron.

He is very happy as he now has his new printer that he has been wanting for months!

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  1. Good work Aaron! This can justify spending another $200 on ebay :) That's the logic I use when I see something anyway!


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