Sunday, 29 July 2007

Visiting the Grandparents

After church today we went out to Deloraine again - seems to be a common occurance on a Sunday afternoon lately. The boys were excited as Grandma and Grandpa came home on Friday from their trip to Queensland and Sydney, so we were going out for tea. Grandma had promised them that they would get their presents when they came out.

First of all we called into the hospital to see Pop. Wow - what a change in him! We couldn't believe how well he was compared to when we had seem him the time before, which was only two weeks ago. He was asleep when we first got there but woke up with a big smile when he saw we were there and was quite chatty. He was so funny - he kept joking to us about how everyone thought he would be 'gone' by now and he said he is wanting to keep everyone on their toes! Then he kept saying he just wanted to 'stir things up a little' and was laughing about how everyone had come to say goodbye to him and he was still here and 'had no where to go'.

We laid Noah on the bed next to him and they had a lovely cuddle. Pop kept talking to him and Noah was really wide eyed, listening to him.

Pop was telling us there was a baby plover outside the window and I asked him if his sight was okay and he told me no - that it wasn't! That made me laugh. We then showed him the first DVD clip that I had made - about him and Nan together. We took our portable DVD player so that Nan could see it too. I'm not sure exactly how much he saw (probably not much) but he kept saying that it was amazing with the things we could do 'nowadays'.

Harri was having lots of fun playing with Pop's bathroom door and I told him he had better stop opening and shutting it or Pop would get his big stick out. Pop laughed and said 'I have a big stick, but I don't know how to use it'. Pop said he was getting sick of looking at the four walls of his hospital room and is hoping that he may get to go home with some extra help at home.

The boys were then excited to go and visit Nan who is now in remission from her cancer. The specialist doesn't want to see her for another month! I don't know whether they were more excited to see Nan or their cat - which they are fascinated with. There are two things they love about Nan and Pop's house - the cat and also they know that Nan has biscuits in her cupboard which she is happy to share with them. When we were visiting Pop I told him how I hate animals and he laughed as I told him that I am a mean Mum as Jalen is supposedly the only one in his class that has no pet.

Nan loved watching the DVD clip that I had made and cracked us up with her comments about her being fat in different photos and about her hair looking okay in some photos and not so good in others. She said some phrase about her hair which I have never heard before, and can't remember what it was, but it was very funny. I worked out that it was like us saying that our hair was like a 'birds nest' but it was something to do with a broom and a 'fit'. Will have to ask her what it was again as it was very funny.

Nan then read us a letter from Filipa in Kenya, which was very interesting. It was amazing to hear all her stories about what she is up to over there.

While we were at Nan's, Noah started to get a bit restless and Aaron made a comment that he had enough and probably wanted to go home. It often happens when we are out all day that Noah gets a bit restless and very vocal - yelling out.

We then headed off to Grandma and Grandpa's house for tea. Nicki, Alex and Maddi were already there. It was great to catch up with them - we hadn't seen them for a month. Maddi was walking everywhere.

Grandma pulled out all the presents they had bought back from their trip. The boys were very happy with all the things they got - Harri was especially happy with his 'Cars' tracksuit. Noah got a beautiful polar bear soft toy from Seaworld.

While we were at Mum and Dad's, Noah was yelling a lot. He wasn't happy and all and we both thought it was because he really wanted to go home. We had a beautiful tea that Mum made - roast lamb and baked vegies with apple crumble and sticky date pudding for dessert (you missed out Jared and Becky). We were all very excited to try out Mum and Dad's new dishwasher - until both the drawers were open together and the weight of the drawers tipped the dishwasher forward and the bottom drawer flew out across the floor - breaking a glass! We all cracked up laughing as Mum yells 'who put the dishwasher in'!? and Dad goes 'me, why!?'. We couldn't stop laughing as Dad obviously needed to fix it so it didn't tip forward as there was a big gap between the top of the dishwasher and the bench above it and he thought that putting a little door stop in the top to wedge it in would work! It was very dodgy.

As soon as we put Noah in his wheelchair to come home he started smiling, and once he was in the van he had a huge smile!! When we brought him inside after we got home he had the biggest smile and wouldn't stop smiling all night! And they say there is not much brain up there!?!?!?! Yeah right!

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  1. I love your family visits! So special! The Molly post had me laughing too. Triple M's and what you guys get up to! I love the way you write Lisa!!!

    Any news on Toni's baby? I haven't heard anything yet!!!


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