Monday, 16 July 2007

Our 'Indonesian' friends

After school today Justine, Gus and Tilly came to visit. They are 'home' for four weeks from Indonesia, while Declan is touring around Asia with a friend. It is amazing to hear all their stories of living in Indonesia and to hear about the school they are teaching at.

We had lots of fun comparing how tall Gus and Jay were - they have always been small for their age and we were surprised to see that they were almost exactly the same size.

Both Gus and Tilly have grown up so much. Tilly had forgotten a lot of things from their last visit and was very curious about Noah and wanted to know why he couldn't move. She was very cute showing us how she could count in Indonesian.

It was so good to see them again. The kids had a great time playing together. We miss having them live close by. Hopefully soon they will get sick of their great adventures overseas and want to settle back down in Tassie :o)

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