Thursday, 19 July 2007


I did it! I braved the Target toy sale! Jacquie has been telling me for a while about how she goes to the Kmart and Target toy sale each year. I wasn't brave (or maybe I should say silly :o) ) enough to go to Kmart at midnight but thought I would go to Target this morning at 8am.
Jacquie had given me lots of good tips - first of all go through the catalogue, then stake out the toys you want the day before so you know where everything is. Then write your list out so you don't forget anything in the chaos and get there early so you have prime position when the doors open.

I got there early - 7.45 am. It has been freezing in the mornings lately - lots of frost, and this morning was no exception.

Jacquie, Lisa and Emma were no where to be seen when I got there but Joe was there right in front of the doors so I got a good position with him, until the others arrived. We were disussing how different it is when you have to buy for boys or girls. He has two girls so he was there to get the 'fairy castle' while I was looking for boy things like toy cars and trains. Lucky for him though - he will have a little boy by the end of tonight or early tomorrow (fingers crossed for Kym!).

Jacquie had told me about the big speech they give at Target in the morning about safety and not running, and we weren't disappointed! After we got the speech the doors flew open and the crowd raced in (not ran or we would have been kicked out by security!). It was bedlam! I quickly grabbed the things I had staked out the day before and then went around to the audio/visual deparment to get something (which can't be mentioned just yet ) and the line was HUGE! Luckily I only had to wait about 20 mins. I was very upset to see that Noah's bear that we bought for his birthday was now half price! Typical. I did score some very cheap new story book cartridges to go in the bear though.

Jaqcuie is the real pro at toy sales and tells me how Lisa, Emma and herself grab a few things first, then line up in the layby line and then while one stays in line in layby the others go back and grab the other things they needed. I couldn't be bothered doing that and didn't have time so I just paid for everything and left. Joe was still shopping when I left and I think the girls had already put their things on layby and had left.

It was actually pretty fun despite all the chaos! The boys will be very excited about their birthday and Christmas presents which are safely hidden away.

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  1. Hahaha! I can't believe you actually did it - well done! Would have been scary though!!! Might have to come with you next year. :)


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