Thursday, 26 July 2007

The 'Mollies'

I just got back home from playing basketball. Thursday night is my basketball night and on Tuesday's Aaron plays. My team plays at the YMCA which is a social league - pretty laid back with only one umpire and only 3/4 courts. I have played basketball since I was about 7 or 8 and used to love playing basketball out at Deloraine. It is a lot more serious out there! I have played in harder leagues before including Baptist league, but I really enjoy playing with our team at the Y as it is just for fun and a bit of exercise.

Our team is called The Mollies, which is an in joke in our church. If you are a 'Molly Mormon' you are considered to be pretty much perfect, which we figured we all are and therefore we called ourselves the Mollies! At one stage our team got very big so we had to split into two. Some of our other players went to another team and had others join them. They are called the 'Triple Ms' which stands for 'More Molly Mormons'.

On our team is Jade who is our all rounder, Emily who is a great shooter - especially from the three point line, Felicity who just goes and goes and is a great defender, Pauline who is our tall player and a great rebounder, Kate who is also an all rounder and very good at intercepting the ball and Tania who is a great defender too - she is very good at hassling the other team!

We have just been split into grades at the Y and our team is in A grade. Don't know if that stands for 'average' or something else! I think it must stand for 'Awesome'! :o) I like being in that grade as I like a good game where I feel it is evenly matched and that you get a good workout from playing.

The pre-game warm up - eating 'toobs'

The action shot - Pauline our awesome rebounder -
the only one in the key against 5 of the other team!

After the game - everyone is stuffed but very happy with the result!

Yes - that IS 46 to 44 in our favour! It was a tough game.

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