Monday, 23 July 2007

Get together with friends

Last night we organised a night for everyone to catch up at once with Justine, Gus and Tilly while they were home.

The kids were all very hyped and had lots of fun playing together. You could see how much Gus and Tilly enjoyed being back with their old friends again. I don't think that the Honey's staircase will be the same - the kids had a great time sliding down it all night.

Because there were so many people for Justine to see at once, we all went around the room and shared our highlight of the year and one thing we were grateful for. Jalen's highlight was winning the dancing competition at the school disco! It was funny hearing the kids responses - lots of the kids said they were grateful for animals! My highlight was Noah going to school full time and Aaron said that Noah was grateful that he got to go to school full time as it meant he got to get away from me during the day!

It was a nice night and it was great to spend more time with Jus and the kids and to hear a little bit more about their life in Indonesia. Noah was his usual self at night with lots of smiles. Everyone was so surprised and happy to see him smiling so much. We get to see it all the time, but it is really nice when others get to see it too.

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