Sunday, 15 July 2007

Trip to Deloraine

After church again today we went out to Deloraine to visit Nan and Pop. While driving out there I had fun playing around with my new camera - yes- Aaron was actually driving for once!!! I had a headache so didn't feel like driving.

We were going to visit Pop in hospital first, and then go and see Nan, but Nan had just been admitted to hospital so we got to visit her there. She is in the middle of having her radiation treatment. Pop and Nan have a room right next door to each other. Aaron joked with them that it was like the 'honeymoon suite' - just that there is a wall between them!

When we went into Pop's room Uncle Howard, Uncle Kim and also Pop's friend from Broken Hill - Lee Robertson was also there. It was nice to talk to Lee - it was funny as I felt like I knew him as I had seen a lot of photos of him in Nan and Pop's photos that I had been scanning. I have FINALLY finished scanning all their photos!! Now I just need to sort them out on my computer and then I can make the DVD clips.

Pop seemed a lot better than the last time we had seen him two week ago and was very aware of what was going on and would put comments in now and then, about what we were talking about. The funniest thing was that Uncle Howard was telling us about when Pop used to smoke and said how Pop changed a lot and Pop goes 'yeah - they can't even kill me!'. It was very funny.

In the room next door with Nan was Aunty Marilyn and Aunty Deidre. It was good to see them all. I took Nan and Pop some copies of photos of Christmas 2006 when Pop came for Christmas lunch to our house. I showed Pop the photos and asked him if he remembered it and he said 'that was a big day' and I laughed and reminded him that it must have been a big day as he was asleep in the recliner half the day. He just laughed.

I told Pop that in Primary at church today we were talking to the kids about honoring their parents and I told him that I told the story about him disobeying his parents and how his fingers got chopped off because he didn't listen to them and he laughed. He had fun showing Jalen his fingers.

It was a bit emotional before we left. Uncle Howard, Uncle Kim and Lee were telling Pop how much they loved him and were proud of him and he kept telling them that he loved them too. Some of us had a little cry - including me. I told Pop I was very lucky to have a grandfather like him and he told me he was lucky to have a grandaughter like me. It was a nice visit - especially since Pop was a doing better than he had been the week before. He told me he wasn't ready to go yet and that he will be around when Mum and Dad get back from Queensland. They get back on the 27th.

When we left Nan and Pop's tea was being delivered to Pop's room and I said to them it was like they were on a hot date - Pop started to laugh. It was a really nice visit. We hope to go out again next Sunday.


  1. Thank you for all the info and photos about Nan and Pop - it's nice to know/see how they're going even if it does make me sad.

  2. Thanks for keeping us updated Lisa. I've only seen Harry once (in 2002)in the last 15 years. He will always be a treasure to me as he gave me my Patriarchal Blessing in 1981. Please pass our love onto both Harry and Sheila.


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