Monday, 13 May 2013

We Love To See Temple

Whenever we go to the mainland we make an effort to go to the temple, since we don't have one here in Tasmania.  
Nicki and Alex came with Jalen and I, while their friend Olan looked after the kids for us.  
Jay always says he feels Aaron around when we are there. How handsome is he :)
He's been through so much and he's at an especially hard age to lose your Dad, but I'm so proud of him and I know that Aaron is too. 
Thank you Olan for looking after the kids and making it possible for us to go to the temple. 
P.S.  I'm so excited that TOFW are coming back to Sydney this year on Saturday 3rd August.  If it's anything like last time, it's going to be an amazing day.

It was nice to write for TOFW for so long, as it really helped me to focus on the things I was experiencing each week, and to try to see the blessings in all our trials.  It's fun being a TOFW Team Member this year and to share my excitement that they are coming back to Sydney.

If you are thinking about coming there's just a couple of days left to get the Mother's Day special price for individual tickets (until the 15th May).  Click here to buy your tickets.  See you there!


  1. Jalen is such a good-looking young man. I am so glad that you have someone to go to the temple with. Your Temple is built like ours in Reno, NV. We had to have the entrance inclosed because of the wind and snow in the winter. Love the Temple too.

  2. so nice that you could make it to the temple :) Jay is so handsome!! you are going to be beating girls off with a stick soon.

  3. You two are twins. It's so nice that you can have these little dates. The temple is a special place.


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