Sunday, 12 May 2013

Melbourne's Scienceworks Museum

About a month ago my sister Nicki asked me what I thought about coming over to Melbourne with the boys for a weekend.  I was feeling pretty down at the time and really didn't feel like doing anything, especially not going to Melbourne, but thought that maybe it was just what we needed to have some fun and also catch up with Nicki and Alex and their kids, who we have been missing since they moved to Melbourne.

We were lucky to get cheap flights and planned on going on a weekend when there was a good game of footy on.  We knew we would only be in Melbourne for a couple of days as we have to get back to school and work, so we planned on filling the days with lots of things to see and do.
The boys were excited to go over.  Kobe couldn't stop talking about seeing his cousins as he has missed them a lot.  Nicki came and picked us up from the airport and we stayed at their house.
The kids were so excited to see each otherNicki and Alex's kids loved watching the boys on their gadgets.
On our first day we headed to the Scienceworks Museum. Aaron and I had actually been there eighteen years ago - before we got married. The boys thought it was pretty cool to know that Aaron had actually been there. The boys had never been and kept asking me what it was like, but I couldn't remember a thing! All I could remember was that there were lots of interactive exhibits and that it was really good.

The kids loved it as there were so many great things for them to do.  You could spend ages there, but we only spent a couple of hours as we knew we had lots of things we wanted to do.  They loved the 'Nitty Gritty Super City' section which was suited to younger children. 

Jalen doing a weather report, which he could then watch back.

Harri is making me proud as he is loving photography as much as I am at the moment.  He took our little point and shoot camera and kept taking photos all day.    Every time he did something he would yell 'take a photo on my camera Mum!' and would smile and pose for me.   I am trying to teach him that sometimes you don't need to look at the camera to get a good photo, and that sometimes it's better to just capture the moment. 

We all loved the Sportsworks section, except for Maddi who thought it was a bit boring. This photo makes me laugh as she has her cranky face on :)

It reminded us of the National Sports Museum in Melbourne, where we went once before with Aaron. There were lots of cool things to do.  We especially liked the wheelchair racing.

The House Secrets section was cool as you could see how different things in homes work.

Before we left we went outside and had lunch and a play in the outdoor playgrounds.  It had an amazing view of the West Gate Bridge with the city behind it.

It was such a beautiful day - about 24 degrees (celcius) so we loved being back in shorts and t-shirts again.

We spent the rest of the day doing a bit of shopping and I hoped to take Harri to the footy that night to watch the Bombers V Cats, but we didn't think about it till we got there and it was sold out.  I kept reminding Harri that it was okay as we had tickets to go to the footy the following night, which he was so excited about.  I forget that there is usually more than one game in Melbourne every weekend.   It was probably good that we didn't go as it would've meant an extra late night and we were tired already after a fun and busy day.


  1. That looks like so much fun, I will have to go there one day.
    I had to giggle about Maddi's grumpy
    You probably couldn't remember the museum because you were probably making googly in love eyes with Aaron.
    Glad you had a fun weekend with the boys.
    Love Mum.

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