Thursday, 23 May 2013

Catching up with Cousins

What we loved the most about our recent weekend in Melbourne was catching up with my sister Nicki and her husband Alex and the kids.  We miss seeing them regularly now that they are 'mainlanders'.   It has now been a year since they moved to Melbourne.   Nicki told me that when she told Lincoln that we were coming to visit he yelled 'Maddi, Alex...guys!!! Our Cousins are coming!! Our King cousins!'.

It was so nice to see Nicki and Alex and the kids. It was especially nice to see Linc looking so well as he often has a few health issues going on.   It's nice that they now live so close to the Royal Children's Hospital and have been able to get a lot more help with Linc's asthma.  I know when I took Noah there that I was so impressed with the staff and services there. The kids had grown so much since we saw them last. 

 'Little' Alex was so cute and would go out to the garden and pick me dandelions off the lawn and bring them inside and give them to me.  
The kids just loved being together, and Linc wouldn't leave the boy's sides.

While we were driving in the car Linc would put his arms around the boys necks and kept on kissing their faces and hands. 

 He loves Jay so much and would often have his arms flung around his neck. 

It was so nice for the boys to be with their cousins again, and we can't wait to see them again. 

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  1. They really do love their King cousins, and they are just lively kids.
    Alex is a sweetheart bringing you dandelions.
    I live all your photos so much.
    It is hard to believe that Alex and Linc are brothers because they look so different.
    Love Mum.


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