Friday, 17 May 2013

Give Me Five For Kids

We are so excited about the Hawks game at Aurora Stadium tomorrow.  It wouldn't usually be a game we would be that excited about as it's not a big game as they are playing against the Giants, but we feel so lucky to be asked to take part in the game in a little way tomorrow.

Jalen and Kobe are going to be apart of the guard of honour for when the Hawks run out, Harri is very lucky and gets to be the team 'mascot' and run through the banner with the team, and I am going to be tossing the coin at the beginning of the game!

Thank you Tash, from the kids ward at the hospital, for thinking my boys and asking us to take part tomorrow.  We are so excited and it's so nice for the boys to have something so special to look forward to.  

Tomorrow is Give Me Five For Kids charity week at the footy. Give Me Five For Kids raises funds for the kids ward at the hospital and that is why we were asked to be a part of it, as we spent so much time at the kids ward with Noah over the years.  Our friend who works for Hawthorn asked me if we would be okay about being interviewed for the paper to promote the game and the charity, and the story was in today's paper.  It's nice to be able to help out in a little way in promoting such a great charity.

This afternoon we went to the Hawks training session and were so excited to see the players. We are so lucky in Tasmania to be able to see our favourite team so often and get up close to the players.  Seeing them made us even more excited for tomorrow.

It's no secret that I think Luke Hodge is lovely so we grabbed him for a photo while they were signing autographs.  He is always so nice and happy to get his photo taken with you or sign something.  I told him that Harri was running through the banner with him tomorrow and he was so lovely to him and said he will bring him a ball tomorrow.

Harri said he is so excited he can't sleep, and I'm so nervous as I'm only just realising how many people will actually see it, but it's going to be a very exciting day for all of us. It's so bittersweet as I know it wouldn't be happening if Aaron and Noah didn't pass away, but I also know how excited and happy Aaron would be for us.   He would be beside himself with excitement tomorrow if he were here, but I have no doubt he will be there.

This afternoon there was a rainbow right over Aurora Stadium while we were there.  I have seen so many rainbows in the last few month, and especially double rainbows. I like to think it's my boys letting us know they are around still and know what is going on in our lives.
You can read the whole newspaper article here.

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  1. That is so exciting! I know it doesn't make up for being without your 2 boys but it is something fun to enjoy amongst the sadness.

    Couldn't help but laugh at Jalen's expression in the photo!!!


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