Monday, 27 May 2013

Stop Growing Up...

is what I wish I could say to Jalen right now.  I don't know what's happened over the past year (okay, well maybe I do) but he has suddenly gotten long and lanky (he's definitely no longer the shortest kid in the class) and has grown so much. 

He finally brought home his school photo last week after leaving it in his locker for over a month.  It's amazing how a threat of time off the computer will jog his memory! ;)   I was so happy with it. 

I know I'm very biased, but I think he looks so handsome in it.  He is still suffering a lot of grief, but I can see that sparkle in his eyes coming back. 
I just I could stop time right now, and keep him this age forever.


  1. Great photo!! Such a handsome young man!!!

  2. What a great picture! I truly enjoy reading your blog. Your family has such strength! Thinking of you on this Memorial Day. As a mother of a son also, it is bitter-sweet to watch your little boy grow up...but what a wonderful young man you will have.

    1. Thanks so much. He is turning into a great young man.

  3. You have such handsome boys!

  4. Lisa, Jalen is such a handsome young man!!! I know that he will be a great strength to you in the years to come. I have to sons, that are gone and married now with families of their own. They call each week even if there is nothing new. I love that. They like your boys have had a great foundation in the gospel and parents that love them. I think the best thing that you can give your children is love. You and Aaron have loved each other and they could see that love. I know that Aaron is not here to help you finish raise your boys but what he gave them before he had to leave will stay with them forever. You are a wonderful mother and you give them so much stability in their lives. I admire you for how you are raising your family and I know it has to be so hard at times. Keep doing what you are doing. They love you and appreciate what a special mother you are.

  5. that smile and that boy....XXX

  6. Oh hello! He's gorgeous. xx

  7. He is looking so so grown! Dang him!


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