Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Hail Storm

We have been keeping really busy during our school holidays over the past two weeks.   We have planned out each day and always make sure that we have something to do as it makes it easier to get through the long days without Aaron and Noah.    I have learnt these holidays that it's often the spontaneous, unplanned things that are the most memorable.  We loved our unplanned tour of the firestation last week, and today we had the most amazing storm which I think the boys will remember for a long time.

We were out at an appointment when it started hailing.  We were excited to watch it out of the window and the hail got bigger and bigger as a huge thunder storm started.  After our appointment we ran through the hail which was still falling to get to our car.  As we started driving home we saw the most beautiful double rainbow appear.

The rainbow became so vibrant and was the brightest and clearest rainbow we had ever seen.  We had fun driving to see if we could get to the end of the rainbow and was amazed that we could sit right under the end of it.  Unfortunately we didn't find a pot of gold at the end :)  As we were almost home I had to pull over again to take another photo on my phone.  The autumn colours, rainbow and white hail on the ground just looked amazing together.

When we got home we were amazed that the hail was even thicker on our front lawn than what we saw in town.   Our lawn and garden was white and it looked like snow.    We couldn't wait to jump out of the car to play in it.   The sky turned an amazing colour as the clouds were starting to clear away.

The boys were so excited as we only ever see snow if we drive to the mountains during the winter to see it.   I told them that we've already had our snow trip this year ;)

After we played for ages out the front we came inside to get warm and then Harri yelled 'quick Mum!!! Come and look at the backyard!!'.  The backyard was covered even more than the front. 

There is still hail on our lawn now - five hours later!  I'm sure the boys will remember the hail storm as a highlight of the school holidays.


  1. Lovely post Lisa! It was a freakish storm, I was having a nanna nap and the loud noise woke me with a start. Rushed out to get the washing in but it was too late ;)
    That's life though isn't it? The spontaneous things are almost always the most memorable :)

  2. Melanie - USA1 May 2013 at 22:59


    Being from the states, if we hear or know that hail is coming we take shelter. It is usually followed by strong winds and/or tornadoes. It must be wonderful to live in a wonderland where you can experience those types of natural occurances and have all three come together almost at the same time. Your pics of it all are beautiful - your picture taking is top notch.

  3. Crazy weather... those photo's are just beautiful Lisa with the gorgeous coloured autumn leaves against the green grass and white hail.

  4. Yes the rainbows were spectacular after the hailstorm but the temperature did drop. For 10 minutes the thunder and lightning were continuous but it cleared and the rainbow over St. Leonards remained there until the Sun dipped below the horizon.

  5. I had a similar hail storm at my house. It hailed for a few minutes and then it passed and I didn't think anything of it. Turns out I had to get hail damage repair for my roof. It's crazy how a storm that really didn't last long or seem all that bad left me with so much damage. The weather really is mysterious.


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