Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Egg Head

Tonight I heard a scream from Kobe and he came running to me with Jalen by his side.  Jay told me he ran into the door frame and I looked at him, just expecting I could give his head a rub and give him a hug and he'd be okay, but then I saw his head.

He had the biggest egg I had ever seen and it turned purple straight away.  I grabbed an ice pack and try to be calm as I put it on his head, but then Jay and Harri both saw it and started to panic a little bit.  He was crying because it hurt but seemed fine. but the egg was just so big that I thought I'd better ring the National Medical Helpline to see what the nurse suggested.

I was so embarrassed as I had to ring about a month ago after Jay almost suffered concussion, when he and Harri were wrestling. I was sure she was going to see on my file that I had rung recently, so joked that it sounded a bit dodgy but she said 'that's boys for you'.

When she realised how big it was (she asked me if it was the size of a fifty cent piece) she told me to take him straight to Emergency at the hospital to get him checked out.  She then started to tell me that if he lost consciousness or had a seizure to ring the ambulance straight away.  I wasn't that worried, but knew it was bad and knew I would feel better if I just went in and got him checked.

After a quick phone call our friends Makayla and Gavin came around to look after Jay and Harri.  Kobe was in tears because he wanted to stay to hang out with them, and didn't want to go to the hospital. He kept saying 'but it's not hurting now!'

On the way to the hospital (luckily it's literally a five minute drive away) he asked 'are we going to Noah's hospital?'... 'do you remember the lolly shop at the hospital Mum, do you think we can go there?'.  I told him he wasn't allowed to eat anything until the doctor saw him and then he said 'my tummy feels sore, I think I might 'bomit'.

When we got to Emergency it was lovely to see a nurse who used to work on the kids ward at the desk.  I told her what had happened and Kobe was chatting away to her and telling her that it's almost his birthday.    He was so chatty and I felt silly for taking him in as I knew he was okay, and just hoped we didn't have a three hour wait for a doctor to tell me that.

When Kobe told her he felt like 'bomiting' she gave him a spew bag and told him that if he wanted to vomit he could vomit in there, and if he didn't vomit then he could use it as a hat, but not to use it after he had vomited in it :)

While we were giving the clerk our details she asked me if he had ever been admitted before. I said he hadn't and then she asked if he was born there. I said he was and he said 'what!!? I was born here!!? This hospital is SO old!'.   He couldn't believe it when I told him it was actually more than four years old and was over 150 years old.

Our trip to Emergency was literally the quickest of all time (and we've definitely had a few to compare it to).  We were taken in to see the doctor within half an hour and he did a few tests with his eyes and asked a few questions and said that as long as he didn't lose consciousness then he was good to go home.
As we were walking out Kobe asked 'why did he say I could go home if it's still hurting me?'.  When we got home he was excited to show everyone his new 'hat'.

He hadn't seen the lump until he went to bed and saw it in the mirror.   He was shocked and yelled 'is that my lump!!?'.
He took some Panadol before bed and kept yelling from bed 'I can't sleep because of my lump!', but he's now sleeping soundly.  Hopefully the egg will go down a little bit during the night.


  1. Well that sure is a Lump if ever I saw one, but good to know that he is okay.

  2. Hahaha. The look on Kobe's face in the mirror is priceless. Better to be safe than sorry. Even though we usually know things are fine it's always a relief to get the all clear from the professionals. I'm surprised you got in so quick too :-)

  3. That's a good-size "goose bump" alright!Ouch! They say the first 24-48 HRS are the worst to look for signs of head injury(loss of consciousness, sleepiness, vomiting, uneven pupils) but it's all part of being a parent. We have 11 kids and have gone thru countless head bumps and other various trips to the ER,causing endless worry but it comes with the territory I guess.

  4. Ouch! Poor little Kobe! I hope he is feeling better today and his lump isn't quite so large.
    I remember when my younger two boys were about 4 and 2. The older one was being silly and ran down the hall straight into the metal door frame and split is head open, off we went to hospital where he needed 4 stitches. Then exactly 3 weeks later, the 2 year old did the exact same thing, same door frame, same spot on his head. I arrived at the hospital only to find the same doctor,,,,lol I felt terrible, but thankfully he and the rest of the staff that he told about us,,,,saw the funny side of it all. My younger little guy only needed their glue to mend his head which I was very thankful for!!!

    As they say, boys will be boys lol.

  5. That is quite the goose egg!

    I remember when my son was young we went on a skating school field trip and one boy fell ahead of me and hit his head on the ice. I literally watched his bump swell dramatically. Very freaky!

    Glad your little guy is ok :)

  6. We've had two trips to hospital with our 6 year old and head knocks. One was so bad that he needed a sedated CT. I think Kobe's 'egg' is way more impressive than the lumps my son had even when he had the CT!!! I hope he recovers well.

  7. Wow, that is quite a bump. He really must have been running fast when he ran into the door. Hope he is feeling better now and that the lump is getting smaller. Loved his "hat".

  8. That is a seriously impressive lump! Loved that he thought he might "bomit". My youngest (who is now 18) used to use "bomit" as well and we still all refer to it as "bomiting"!Hope he is feeling better.

  9. Aw. Poor guy. Glad he didn't "bomit."

    Such a cute boy.



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