Monday, 20 May 2013

Still On A High

We are all still on a high after our exciting day on Saturday.  To see Harri run through the banner with his sporting heroes, just made my heart so happy and I didn't realise how much it would pick up our spirits. 

Yesterday in the Mercury newspaper was this gorgeous photo of Kobe.  He was so excited about it and kept saying 'it's me!!'.

This cool photo of Harri was on the Examiner newspaper website. 

The game was only televised on Foxtel, and we no longer have it, so I was so glad that Aaron's sister Trudy was able to send  me a video of the run through the banner off her iPhone.  It's so quick and you can only just see Harri, but he's so happy that he got to see it.
Harri spends so much time kicking a soft footy around the house, commentating to himself as he does it.  He literally spends hours every day doing it and I don't even notice it anymore.  Yesterday afternoon Kobe also go into it so they both doing it in different rooms.  They asked me to put the banner up that Harri brought home after the game on Saturday so they could reenact the run through it.
It was so funny listening to both of them kicking the footy around - supposedly they were both Buddy Franklin :)

Tonight Harri drew a picture of himself in his gear on Saturday.
A friend said today that when she saw the photos of the boys from Saturday, that she felt like it was the first time that she had seen genuine smiles on their faces since Aaron and Noah have passed away, and I agreed.  Yesterday afternoon we went to the cemetery and I couldn't stop thinking about how nice it was to have a little 'break' from the grief we've experienced over the last eighteen months. 

Unfortunately I know that the high isn't going to last as long as we wish, and the grief is always there and just creeps up on you when you are least expecting it, but we are so grateful to have been able to do something so special and know that the boys will never forget the day that Harri got to run with his heroes. 


  1. What an awesome time for you all! Seeing smiles = awesome, too! Just know that even tho people like me don't always comment, we are always reading. Hang in there!

  2. oh thats so wonderful to smile again....anything to get a smile back. Its crazy how life still goes on and we can smile still. Prayers to you and your family. Keep on going!

  3. Hi Lisa, I have been following your blog for some time now, crying and smiling along with you and your beautiful boys. It was so lovely to open the paper on Sunday and see Kobes dear little face smiling out from the pages. X Fiona

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