Thursday, 2 May 2013

Marakoopa Caves

Before school holidays began my friend Pip asked me what we were planning on doing on the holidays. I told her we had a few plans and that I was thinking of taking the boys to the caves at Mole Creek one day.  It was always hard to do certain activities as a family because of Noah's wheelchair so it was only something we had done once before - four years ago when Noah was home with his carer Di for the day.

When Pip's son Oliver heard that we were thinking of going to the caves, he said that he wanted to go also and asked Pip if they could add it to their holiday list that they had just written out.   We thought it would be fun to go together, so organised a day that would work for both of us.

I mentioned to my friend Simone that we were going to go and she said she'd love to come along too and before we knew it there were thirty of us all going at the same time.  It was so nice to have so many people to go with.   Luckily Simone rang up and checked before we got there, because they decided that because so many of us were going, that they would arrange a separate tour for our group.

Just as we arrived at the entrance of the cave we were met by a tour guide and group coming out of the caves.  The guide then told us that unfortunately the power had just gone off and they wouldn't be able to do our tour until the power was restored.  There was an accident where someone had knocked a power pole and it was just being fixed.  Luckily Pip knew one of the workers who was restoring the power, and he told her it would only take half an hour, so the kids had fun running around and playing together while we waited.
 We finally got to go in and the kids were so excited.  
I had forgotten how incredible it is inside. 
It's always really interesting listening to the guide tell us how the caves formed.
It was 9 degrees celcius inside the caves.  We were all rugged up expecting it to be a lot colder, but it wasn't too bad.
The tour is awesome and set up so well with lots of lights, paths and rails. 

I was worried that Kobe would be scared but he loved it.  I think having lots of friends there with us helped as he could see that everyone else was having fun and weren't scared.   He held onto Jay's hand the whole time.
Harri loved it when we could see the underground rivers running through the caves.

It was such a great day and it was so nice to go with so many friends and family.   It's definitely something we will do again as it's a great school holiday activity you can do rain, hail or shine.


  1. ... " it was 9 degrees Celsius so it wasn't too bad" .. Hahaha good ole Tas.

    1. It was a heat wave in those caves Jess! ;)

  2. Oh those caves are gorgeous, absolutely beautiful .... will have to ask Vicki to take me there next time I am in Tassie.

    1. Yes you should! They're incredible.


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