Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Hawks Mad

Before Aaron passed away I enjoyed the football but it was Aaron and Harri who were the ones who really followed the footy in our family.  As the years went on, I got more into it especially as we are lucky enough to see the Hawthorn players so often here in Tassie. We loved going to the training and games together as a family, and Noah's wheelchair even had Hawks colours on the back. 

Since Aaron passed away I'm finding that I'm into the footy more now, than when he was here. I think it's because I know that it was something that Aaron was so passionate about, and I really want to continue on our love for the Hawks with the boys, and especially with Harri.  I have to admit that we are now all Hawks mad.   I'm sure that Aaron would be proud that I know most of the players and know more about what is going on with the Hawks, even sixteen months after he passed away.  

The reason we chose to go to Melbourne last weekend, was that we knew that it would be awesome to go to watch the Hawks V Sydney as it was a grand final rematch.  This time we just hoped that there would be a different result.

On Saturday afternoon Nicki and Alex took us for a drive to Waverley Stadium and the Hawks Nest shop.  It was so cool to have a look around. 

 Inside was lots of cool Hawks memorabilia including all the cups that they have won. 

Harri wanted to buy out the whole shop :)
We ended up buying a couple of little things and I found the perfect badget to wear to the game that night :)
After looking inside Hawks Nest we went out to see the stadium.  It was cool to see the real home of the Hawks.  I had seen a lot of photos of them training on their website and on instagram, but it looked totally different to how I imagined it. I had no idea that there were apartments all around the ground.

How awesome is the Hawks logo in the middle of the ground!
As we drove back into the city Kobe started screaming 'look Mum!!!' as he spotted a Hawthorn advertising sign.
We were so excited to go to the game at the MCG with Nicki and Alex.  It's always so fun to walk through the city of Melbourne and see everyone in their footy gear, on the way to the game.

The atmosphere at the MCG is always incredible and Jalen even loved the game! It was so cool to see him get into it and watch the whole game, as he usually prefers to sit and play on his phone when the games are on. 

Nicki (unintentionally) booked awesome seats just off to the side of the goals.  She said that she didn't have a choice when she was booking the tickets, and we were just given a certain section, but it's where Aaron used to always book seats whenever they went on the school footy trips
The best thing about the seats was that it was up where the players who weren't playing that night were sitting.  They were lovely when we went and asked them if they minded us getting a photo of them with the boys.

Kobe is surprising me and is starting to get into footy as much as Harri.  It's so fun to watch him screaming and cheering and checking the scores every time someone scored.  We had such a fun night and the best thing was that it was an awesome game to watch, with Hawthorn beating the Swans.  We are lucky as we get to watch them play again this Saturday as they are playing at Aurora Stadium, and can't wait for it. 


  1. Still envious, what a game that was, pity it wasn't last year.
    Your badge gave me a huge smile.
    Aaron would be chuffed about how you and the boys are supporting the Hawks.
    Love Mum.

  2. I love the photo of you and the boys in your footy gear, standing in front of the water. You look beautiful and so happy! ~ Lisa in Oregon, USA

    1. Ah thank you so much. You are too kind :) We were happy to be out having a fun night together.

  3. is hawthorn a tassie team?
    nic in nz

    1. Hi Nic. No Hawthorn is actually a Melbourne based team but they are sponsored by the Tasmanian Government which is why they come down here so often. I guess that they've been adopted by Tasmania as our team. They play four games a season here. It's good for the Tasmanian economy to have them play down here.

    2. Brilliant! So tassie doesn't have it's ' own ' team, cos of population, or money or just too hard?
      So even though they are from Melbourne and have Melbourne fans, tassie is also their fans...or are there other tassie teams and you live them cos Aaron loved them, not cos the whole island backs them.

      Sorry...questions questions !! But good luck at the game Saturday!!
      I'm a rugby union girl. All blacks.....say no more.

    3. You loved them...not lived them! Although I am sure the boys would like to live with them!!

    4. Yeah exactly - we don't have our own team because of both - population and money, but there is talk from time to time about it, but people then say that it will mean that Hawthorn won't then be down here as well, which will take away from what Tassie gets from them coming down.
      The Kangaroos (North Melbourne) have just started playing a few games down here regularly too, but they don't have the fan base here like the Hawks do.
      Many people in Tasmania go for other teams, but a lot of kids start baracking for Hawthorn here because it's a team they see all the time. Aaron went for them since he was a kid, and actually found it hard when everyone jumped on the Hawks bandwagon in Tassie, but he loved that he could see his team all the time :)

    5. He started the bandwagon,

  4. Lovely photo in today's paper and what a honour! Jalen looks half asleep!


    1. Thank you. Yeah it was a terrible pic of Jay as he was blinking but I guess they chose that one as the coin was in the air. A pity though as they took heaps


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