Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Together Again

Last July Aaron's Pop passed away, and last week Aaron's Nan was reunited with him.  She would've been 95 years old at the end of the month and told people that she was quite happy to go because her health hasn't been great over the last few years.

We hadn't seen a lot of Nan and Pop since Noah was born because it was getting too hard to get him in and out of their house with his wheelchair and life just got so busy.   The last time that Aaron saw Nan was when she was in hospital just a few months before Noah passed away.  I remember him walking in and bursting into tears, as he told her how sorry he was that he hadn't seen a lot of her lately. 

He loved his Nan and Pop so much and always told me about spending time at their house when he was a kid.  He loved taking the boys to their house and telling them all the things he got up to there. 
The boys didn't want to go to the funeral with me because they said that it would make them too sad, as it would make them think about Aaron and Noah.   I was happy that they chose to stay at school, because I knew it would be hard for them.
Aaron's sister Trudy came over from Melbourne and it was lovely to catch up with her.  She spoke at Nan's funeral and read out a scripture and poem that Nan had commented at another funeral they went to, that she would love it to be read at hers.

After the service we walked behind the hearse to Nan's graveside which is just opposite the children's section and where Noah's grave is. 
 She was being buried in the same plot as Pop.    It's strange to think that is how it's going to be for Aaron and I. The boys often joke about how I'm going to squash Aaron in his grave when I'm buried on top of him. 

It's always lovely to catch up with Aaron's lovely cousins Tracey and Jessi-Rose and their family
I know that Aaron's Nan will be happy to be reunited with his Pop.  I couldn't stop thinking about how nice it was that they weren't apart for too long - 'only' ten months.    Even though it was only ten months I know how that feels like a lifetime. I can't imagine what it would be like to be together for over seventy four years, and then be apart.

It doesn't matter how long you are together though - it's still heart breaking when your best friend and love of your life is no longer with you. I just wish that I didn't have to wait so long to be with Aaron again.


  1. Your post just made me bawl, Lisa. My dear grandmother passed away in February and my 90 year old grandfather is now alone for the first time in 65 years. I live far away from my grandparents and it just breaks my heart to think of my grandfather facing his last days on earth alone. I know it is part of life, but it just seems so unfair. However, your last point is very true. You and your boys are in my thoughts!


  2. a beautiful couple together again...Rating in Peace now ...


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