Sunday, 1 July 2012

Our Blockaholic Take 2

Last year Harri was obsessed with the TV show The Block. This year was no exception. Earlier in the year he was so excited to get some messages from some of last years blog contestants, which Katrina who was on last years show, was lovely to organise.  He loved it just as much this year and has been glued to the screen every night.  During the week he was so excited to get The Block magazine, and has been reading it ever since.

Tonight he was a very lucky boy and got to stay up late to watch the finale.  He was going for Dale and Sophie as he loved them right from the start. 

This was him as he watched the auction of Dale and Sophie's house.  He didn't mind that they didn't win because they won so much anyway with the profit they made.

We were all blown away with the outcome and how much they all made, and were very happy for Brad and Lara who took out the extra $100,000 prize.  I wish that it was the same for all the contestants last year as well, but I'm sure they would all do it again just for the amazing experience.  Harri said at the end 'when I get bigger I'm going to on The Block with Jalen!'. I think Jay had other plans as he said he would be in LA.  It's nice to know my boys dream big! ;)

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  1. To be honest I didn't watch the whole show this time, but I loved watching it tonight and loved seeing how well the contestants did. They did amazingly well. It was a great show.


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