Friday, 13 July 2012

The end of our holiday

I'm finally at the end of our holiday blog posts. We had such a wonderful ten days away but we were actually looking forward to getting home as well (well some of us were - Mum wasn't too keen :)  On the day we came home we didn't have to catch our plane till later in the afternoon, so we had the whole day to spend in the sun (and of course it was the nicest day for weather the whole time we were there!). 

We did feel sad about saying goodbye to our lovely hotel and view that we woke up to every morning.

Chrish had taken the boys to an awesome park earlier in the week, while Mum and I were having a massage, so the boys were begging us to take them back.  It was such a cool park with a jumping pillow, little tanden bike things to ride and a cool flying fox that we all had a go on.

We then spent a little bit of time at the beach which was actually 'closed' (for swimming) because the surf was too dangerous.  

The boys kept commenting on how much Aaron would've loved jumping in the big waves

We had a lovely time meeting up with Ande and Josephine again, this time at Max Brenner.  Oh boy! It's lucky that we don't have it here in Tasmania because I fell in love with it!   Ande shared her chocolate pizza with us and it was delicious!

Kobe was loving his chocolate shot, but he had enough after a while which was lucky for me as I got to finish it off :) 

We left Chrish with Ande and was going to be staying with them for a couple of days before flying home to Sydney.  That meant I had to be brave and drive for the first time up there. It was much easier than I thought and we made it safely to the airport in one piece. 

The boys were so happy to see that our plane to Melbourne had TV screens, so it was a very quick flight as they were entertained the whole time. 

Grandma was obviously exhausted and ready for a holiday! 

In Melboure airport it was lovely to have the Watsons waiting at our gate for us, for a quick catch up of twenty minutes, before we had to catch our flight to Tassie.  The boys were so happy to see their cousins and Linc was giving them lots of hugs.  It was funny as there were heaps of people on our flight that we knew, which is always the way when you are in Melbourne. 

We had such a lovely holiday and it was just what we needed to bring some happiness back into our lives right now, and it really helped Jalen especially.  It was nice to see the boys smiling lots, and to know they were really having a great time.  They are asking when our next big holiday is already!


  1. Hi Lisa - I loved hearing all about your grand holiday - it felt like we all went with you! Sidney is one of the bucket-list places I want to visit. That park looked way cool - and the beach is my favorite place of all. I grew up in the US in the state of Rhode Island, it's nickname is the "ocean" state. I find the beach so soothing for my spirit. I hope you and your family have many more lovely holidays like this one. And guess what? You can bring Aaron and Noah on every single one of them :)

    Take care,

    Diane Taylor

  2. Looks like so much fun. And what a neat uncle they have, which makes me really happy for them.


  3. Wow, what a great vacation! Loved seeing your pics and all the smiling faces.

  4. So pleased you had such a good holiday. What amazing views! I think it was probably just what you all needed.

    I have to visit Australia one day, it all looks stunning.

  5. loved hearing about your holiday. And Chrish's tshirt I like!!! he he. ANd yes probably a good thing there is no Max Brenner in Tassie!!!!

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