Sunday, 22 July 2012


At the beginning of the school year I met with Jalen's drama teacher at a parent teacher interview. She told me that she realised that Jalen had done some drama outside of school and wanted to give him an opportunity to extend himself more, and told me about a program called WotOpera.  She said that he would be one of the grade seven students chosen to do it, as it included students from each grade.

I didn't know much about what WotOpera was, but Jalen would come home after each session telling me all about the process and what they were doing.  As a group of students they had to create the characters, write the words and music, design and make the costumes and set and then perform it.  Jalen came home telling me how bad it was as they all had to audition and sing and he is definitely not a singer (he sounds just like his Dad when he sings, and that is very flat!).   He hated the singing, but was still enjoying the whole process and came home last week with a t-shirt that they had all been given, and had to wear on the night of the performance.

They had four sessions at school which only ended up being a total of 21 hours together before they performed it at the Princess Theatre.  There were four schools who did it all together including Exeter, Prospect and Kings Meadows High School. I felt sad when KMHS did theirs as I recognised a lot of the kids and I know Aaron would've loved to have been there to see them as well as watching Jay's.  Mum and Dad came with Harri and I to watch it (thanks Alison for babysitting Kobe).

It was amazing to see what each of the schools came up with.  I'm not into opera at all, but I was very impressed with their creativity and what they could come up with in such a short amount of time.  It was nice to see Jay up on stage smiling, and having a great time.  His friend George was also in it with him, so they had lots of fun hanging out together.

Before each school's performance they showed a short video of the process of them creating their opera.  It made us laugh as they showed Jalen quite a lot, and showed him singing different parts.  He was so embarrassed, but I told him I was proud of him.  Then Harri said 'yeah I was too Jay!' :)  The organisers kept telling the kids that it's not about how well you can sing, but it's about having a go. I loved what they had on the back of their t-shirts.

It's no secret that Jalen hasn't loved school this year.   It's been the exact opposite, and he's had a hard time settling into high school.  After WotOpera he told me that he is actually liking school now and loved being in it, because he got to know a lot of other people from other grades.  The day of the performance all four schools were together all afternoon as they practiced on stage and ate dinner together before performing for the public.  Jay said it was a lot of fun to spend time with everyone and it was so nice to see how happy he was.  I can slowly see the old Jay coming back.


  1. Congratulations, Jay!!! It is tough sometime to put ourselves out there when we don't feel like we are good at something. So proud of you, Jay.
    ps. I can sing at all but love to sing to myself when I am driving the car.

  2. Nice post Lisa. Lovely to hear of Jay's achievement. I think it's awesome that he is having a go and enjoying it. What came to mind when I read your post was a little girl in our ward who was about 3 standing on the pew, hymn book in one hand, other arm up, conducting and singing the hymn. None of the words were right, she was out of time and out of tune .... but it was awesome to see her having a go. Those around were having a little chuckle to themselves as it was so cute. So many people miss out on wonderful experiences because they dont have a go. Good on Jay!! Sounds like he's found his niche at school and that makes all the difference in enjoying it.

  3. Good on ya Jay. You are a braver man than I. I could and would never get up and act in front of a group. I don't even like playing charades!
    Love the saying on your shirt. I might use that!

  4. so fabulous. love that t shirt too xx

  5. How proud you must be of your little darling blossoming like that! Love the quote on the back of the t-shirt, so true!

  6. GO JAY.... you are the man!!! Thanks for my hug ....

  7. This looks like an awesome program and I love that he is loving school so much better because of it. Go Jay! N x


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