Monday, 16 July 2012

I Want To Cuddle Him

The day that Noah died was the hardest and longest day of our life.  We knew during the night before that it would be Noah's last day, and that we would have to say goodbye.  It was hard as we were waiting all day for people to come and say goodbye so the day just went on and on, but then it also seemed to go too fast.

As nice as it was to have my family there with us, and also Noah's carer's Di and Alison, it was so hard to share the day with others.  We really wanted to just be alone with Noah, but knew how important it was for everyone to say goodbye.

This was a quiet moment that Aaron and I got to spend with Noah alone.  I just found it on my computer as I was cleaning out some files.  All Aaron wanted to do was to pick Noah up and have a cuddle.  I did too, but he needed to rest as much as possible as he was so tired, and it wasn't nice for him to be moved.

It hurts to see how heart broken Aaron was.    I'm sure they are having so many cuddles now 

Give him one from me honey.


  1. I walked out of the hospital feeling like I'd never known anyone as selfless and as generous as you and Aaron. Being able to say goodbye to Noah was one of the most precious moments of my life, standing with you and Aaron and trying to fumble over the words to say thank you for allowing me into his (and your) life, the most profound thing that I've ever experienced, even if I was very snotty. I'm so so sorry that this meant that you got less time alone with him, but I hope you know that it is infinitely treasured and that I am so so grateful. xoxo

  2. Oh I can just imagine their cuddles!!! xxx

  3. free from all his worldly inabilities he would be able to hug, hold, cuddle, wrestle and tell his dad how much he loves him and is so glad he is his dad and to be able to verbalize just how grateful he is for the loving care his dad had given him....what a "perfected" cuddle that would be ....

  4. A never ending cuddle, where you hold so tight that you give a little squeek of delight.

  5. Oh what a priceless pictures of the love they shared- I'm sure their snuggles are heavenly.... and I'm sure they are finding ways to wrap you and your boys in their embrace as well....xo.

  6. What a wonderful relationship they have.



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