Friday, 20 July 2012

Breathing is Good

I've had an awful week or so with feeling really run down to start with, and then getting really sick with the flu and chest infection.   All I wanted to do was sleep for days on end.

I'm feeling so much better now and it feels good to feel almost normal again. I'm still feeling so tired, but can at least get on with every day things.  When I was sick I  couldn't even get out of bed one day and just felt so bad as my temp was up so high and I was hot and cold, and shivering one minute and stripping off the next.  The day that I was at my worst was a Saturday so all the boys were home.  Mum offered to come in, but I knew I would be okay and the boys were helping out a lot, and had some friends drop off soup.    Harri came into me while I was in bed (dressed as Spiderman of course!) with a drink of water and said 'I'm going to help you Mum and am not going to be naughty ever again' :)

Over the last week or so I have watched a lot of daytime TV, and doing some reading which I never seem to have time for.  Simone had lent me an awesome book which I couldn't put down, and I had to chuckle at this quote from the book.

I hate having to have time off work, because I feel like I'm letting people down.   I know it's crazy to feel like that because everyone gets sick, but I still feel bad.  It's nice to have some more energy and to be able to get back to work again, even though I feel like my mind is in a fog even when I'm feeling physically well. 

One day I was home, Jalen was also sick and had the day off school, so we spent the day lying in bed together just talking and watching Ellen together which we love.  It was nice to have some quiet time together and have a good laugh, even though we both felt rotten. I joked with Jay that he was going to be an orphan as I felt that bad for a couple of days. He didn't appreciate my joke, but I'm sure Aaron would've had a chuckle, as it's just the kind of joke he would've said himself.

Some people think I'm crazy but I try to get well using natural therapies.   Most years I end up getting bronchitis and this year was no exception and I know that I could take antibiotics, but I choose not to and hope to get over it without them.   Instead I bought these hoping they would take away the severity of it, but I'm not sure that they did much.

I had heard about a Chinese Circulation Therapy place in town that does cupping and scraping like what Aaron and I have done before, so I thought I'd go there and see what they were like.  The guy was great at explaining everything and how it will help and told me that my lungs were very bad and that he needed to 'fix first and then relaxation later', meaning that I need a few treatments which require a bit of cupping and scraping, before I can go just for a massage.  He scraped my whole back and it came up so purple straight away. He said it was because my lungs were so bad.  It hurt like crazy, but I do believe it will help to bring out all the toxins and clear my lungs.  

He also did cupping on my chest and said that my left lung was worse than my right as the bruising came up a lot worse on the left side.

Even though I'm over the worst of it, I'm still feeling short of breath and have been coughing a lot, especially at night.  I went back to the doctor and they gave me a puffer to use for a couple of weeks and said that it looks like I'm just having trouble clearing the last bit of the chest infection. I hate having to take medications, but know that sometimes it's necessary, especially when I'm having trouble breathing.   Breathing is good :)

That's it for the year now - I'm not allowed to get sick anymore.  It's not fun at all, especially when I don't have Aaron here to look after me.


  1. Yeah, breathing is definitely, definitely a very good idea. It's horrid when you feel like you have been and have to deal with kids and everything on your own. I totally understand. Glad to hear you are on the mend Lisa. You still have your sense of humour ... Love it.

  2. holy cow - that looks painful Lisa! (hopefully looks more than it actually is!!)

  3. Keep breathing
    Love Mum.

  4. I've had cupping done, and I think the more unwell you are the better the technique feels at the time!!! It looks more brutal than it is (which is a good thing!)... You've done the right thing by resting as much as you have... I hope you've seen the last of it (hoping the same for us too!) - much rather breathe than cough and splutter over all there is to do, and all we want to do!!! Blessings! Naomi G.

  5. I've had the same thing her in Qld. I've had the cough part for about 6 wks now where I just can't shake it no matter how much rest I have. Can't wait for winter yo pass! Hope your better soon.

  6. Definitely no more sickness!!! Aaron would have been impressed with those cupping bruises and prolly wishing like crazy he could make you one of his smoothies. xxx

  7. Wow I have heard of the cupping technique but havent given it a go as yet! Sure looks sore which means it must have worked. Hope you are feeling better - and can breath easily xx


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