Saturday, 28 July 2012

The End of Auskick

Oh the joy I am feeling now that Saturday mornings are again for sleeping in (as much as you can with a four year old that decides he needs to get up early and call out 'Mummy!! I'm hungry!) and having a lazy morning.

Last Saturday Harri had his last session of Auskick for the season, and possibly forever.   He loved it last year, but this year he hasn't enjoyed it so much.  I'm sure some of it is to do with the fact that Aaron isn't there with him and he doesn't get to have a kick of the footy with him every Saturday, but he said that he doesn't want to do it anymore because he 'already knows how to play'.

I think he's not enjoying it as much this year as it is a long morning and they don't do a lot of skill development, but spend a lot of time playing a game with a heap of young kids and you aren't allowed to tackle.  For Harri that is VERY hard and not much fun (he has been in trouble at school a few times because he just can't resist the urge not to tackle when playing footy at school).   He is one of the oldest there and it's pretty boring when you aren't really playing much of a game as you are having to play with lots of 4-5 year olds.

I'm (not so quietly) happy that he has decided not to play as I'm not keen on driving to Evandale early Saturday mornings, not to mention during the middle of our cold winter. If Aaron was here it would be different as we used to like going together and just spending the morning watching him play. 

He was excited to get his medal and certificate.

Today the kids played a game against the parents. I opted to take photos instead of running around in the mud, and it was fun to watch. Harri isn't in this photo, but it cracked me up as the kids were all yelling 'kick it to me, kick it to me!'.

It was nice having the Rogers and the Tai's join Auskick this year.  Harri had lots of fun playing with them.

I asked Harri what he wanted to do next year instead of doing Auskick. He said he wasn't sure and I suggested that basketball would be fun, and said that Daddy used to play basketball. He was shocked and said 'Daddy played basketball!!?'.   I told him that both Aaron and I did and he was so surprised.  I'm not sure what is so surprising about that - probably because I'm so old and unfit now :)   He said he still wasn't keen, but we will see what happens next year. 

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