Friday, 29 June 2012

Red Nose

This was Kobe in Hobart earlier this week, ready for Red Nose Day which is actually today.
Every year Red Nose Day day means a lot to me as my brother Daniel died from SIDS in 1981.  I was about the same age as Harri and I only remember a little bit about Daniel, but remember a lot about the day that he passed away and also his funeral.

Since losing a child myself I guess I understand a lot more about what my Mum and Dad went through, but know it was totally different to losing Noah as Daniel just died in his sleep suddenly. It was not expected at all and he was 9 months, which is quite old for a baby to die from SIDS.

Whenever we are out in the car at night Kobe says 'there's Daddy's star!! There's Noah's star! There's Daniel's star!' as I've been talking a lot to them about all the other people that Daddy and Noah would now be with, including my brother Daniel.

If you can support Red Nose Day go to their website or buy a product that you will see at most grocery stores and deparment stores at the moment.  Or else you can upload a photo like Kylie did and Harvey Norman will donate $1 for every photo uploaded. 


  1. Lovely to see a photo of Daniel. xxxxx

  2. I bought a very lovely strawberry lip balm at a Red Nose Day table in the mall today. I love it.

    I'm imagining Aaron and Noah and Daniel and your nan and pop and Tamatha in red noses ;)


  3. My beautiful, beautiful boy.
    Thank you for remembering him Lisa.
    Love Mum.

  4. I had never heard of red nose day. Thanks for letting us know.



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