Sunday, 8 July 2012

9 months

It's hard to believe how fast nine months goes. It's nine months today since Noah passed away. I miss him so much and think about him all day, every day. I miss him lying on the floor on a blanket in the lounge room. I miss hearing his sounds all day and all night.  I miss his cheeky smiles when he would hear our voices or when we would rub his legs. I miss looking into those big brown eyes. I miss stubbing my toe on his wheelchair that sat in the hallway.   I even miss the routines of having to do everything day and night for him. 

I would give anything to go back nine months ago and be doing all the things for him that he needed - tube feeding, giving medications, suctioning, showering, dressing, changing his happy, moving him in bed at night, giving his nebs, lifting him in and out of his wheelchair, doing physio and everything else to keep him comfortable.

It doesn't sound like a great life, but it was.  He was such a blessing to us as a family, and I would give anything to go back to that again. 

Aaron was always the joker.  Once while Noah was in hospital he pretended he was a doctor called 'Docta Steve' and the joke went on for ages, with him even making a Facebook page for him, but unfortunately I don't know the username or password that he used for it. 

This video makes me smile so much. I would give anything to have him sitting on Aaron's lap having a laugh with us.  Miss them both so much and still can't believe they are both gone.  


  1. there are no words to say just that we all love ya xxx

  2. How wonderful to have those precious and beautiful moments on video so that you can watch them over and over again when you want to. Precious memories to hold and keep. Thinking of you Lisa. xoxo

  3. Two of the very best.
    You must miss them both so much.
    I will be so happy when we are all re-united again.
    I love you honey.
    Love Mum.

  4. I can feel your heartache through your words. I'm not sure that anything will make it okay, not even time for you will always miss your two special boys. I suppose all you can do is live your life in their memory, knowing the enormous impact they have had on so many people - even those like me who never knew them. Hugs to you and your other boys xx

  5. Sending you love this night! May you feel Noah's love and appreciation for your sacrifices for him. He does have the loveliest brown eyes!

  6. Such a beautiful boy and I am certain that Aaron and Noah are playing Docta Steve and reminiscing about all the good times you had together ♥

  7. I remember visiting you and Aaron aka Dr Steve in hospital and being in awe of Dr Steve's attitude and perspective on such a tough time. Little did we know then that life would get unimaginably tougher for his beautiful family. I think we could all take a leaf out of Dr Steve's book.

    I've been thinking today what I miss about Noah and at this time of year most definitely seeing him all snug in his little ugg boots. I wish we could go back to our conversations at the gym where our chats about Noah would also include his bowel movements.... or lack of;)
    I wish for those days again. xx

  8. I've been thinking of you all day.

    I miss him so much too. I don't know how I'll ever show you how grateful I am that you let me love him. xo

  9. I'm so sorry you are having to experience that deep sore missing.

    for you all....

  11. I just love how Noah looks at Aaron. You can tell there's a special bond there. And that he knows Aaron is full of it! :) Such cheeky boys. And such beautiful eyes.

  12. What a great video. It was just plain fun to see.



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