Monday, 23 July 2012

My Crazy Family

On the weekend my brother Chrish came home from Sydney just for the weekend.  Yesterday we had a family tea to all catch up, except for the Watsons who now live in Melbourne. It's always very loud, crazy and fun when we all get together. 

Eden told me off when I took this pic as he knew it would probably end up on the world wide web.  I could've posted one of him stuffing his face, so he is lucky and should be thanking his big sister :)

It's Lachie's fourth birthday this week and he is into super heroes big time.  The boys and I bought him a set of super hero books, and he was stoked with them and kept saying 'I take these to my house!'.

Without fail whenever we are together Jared hypes all the kids up.  There is always a lot of wrestling and squealing going on when he is around.
Even Becky got in on the action!

Chrish was also attacked by the kids (and a snake!).

Hopefully next time Chrish comes 'home' to Tassie it will be for good as he is considering making the move back home for good.  All of us girls are thinking he would make a good live in nanny :)


  1. Beautiful photos! This could be at one of our family dinners. Great job capturing the moment :)

  2. So good to see you all having heaps of fun together! Love the idea of big families getting together - especially the lounge room floor fun!

  3. Oh those family times are the best! I'm glad you were able to share some fun time together!

  4. i love those family get together' yours it is mostly all boys and our place poor Arliss has to play with girl toys..(i do have a snake though)
    Great news that Chrish is coming home...Yeah!!!

  5. Your brother seems like such a great sport, hope he does make the move :)

  6. Haha yes he would make the perfect Nanny. Would he cater for second cousins to I wonder!! ;)


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