Sunday, 4 September 2011

Boss for the Day!

Since it is Father's Day today, Harri told Aaron this morning 'you are the boss today Dad!'.  I asked him why and he said 'because it is Father's Day! Dad gets to be the boss today, but every other day you are the boss Mum!'. It cracked me up, and Aaron was pretty excited that he gets to be the boss just for one day! ;)

I pulled out the camera before Jay came into bed with us this morning, and my little model Kobe decided he didn't want to have his photo taken!

As part of his present we gave him some chocolates, and of course the boys decided that was breakfast!

The boys had made him some lovely cards.  The card that Harri made at school was hilarious.   The part that says 'snores' is definitely true!

Inside it talked about him coaching his school footy team in their grand final, and how he hoped that Kings Meadows won and Queechy loses.

A couple of months ago Alison found an awesome Darth Vadar card on Etsy that we thought Aaron would love.  He did love it and was cracking up when he saw the front.

During the week Hawthorn put out a new geurnsey which Aaron fell in love with the minute he saw it.  I surprised him with it this morning as he didn't think it would come until next week, and he put it on straight away and thought he'd get away with wearing it to church!  He did take it off before we left.

We took a quick photo before church as Noah was awake, and knew it wouldn't last long. He didn't look good though as he often wakes up looking really puffy.  I still love the photo with all of my five boys in it though.

For tea Aaron picked his favourite - t-bone steak, wedges and salad, and cheesecake for dessert.  We got some cows killed a while back and still have a freezer full of beautiful beef. The t-bones are ginormous!
While I'm cleaning up the kitchen after tea, I hear the usual carry on in the lounge room and caught them all having the nightly wrestle.  I can pretty much guarantee that it's going to end up with one or two of them in tears by the end of it, and tonight was no exception.

For Harri's birthday, Mum and Dad gave him a cool game called 'Charades for Kids'.  You pull a card out and it tells you what you have to act out.  We often play charades, but it was fun actually having a word given to us.  This was Aaron acting out 'homework' (think this is him just getting home from school).

It was lots of fun and Aaron won, but we will say that's because we let him because he was the boss for the day! ;) Noah looks much better tonight with his puffiness settling down and him being a lot more awake and alert.  Just wish his hay fever and cold would settle down so he didn't need so much suctioning at the moment.

We had a lovely Father's Day and got to spend the day with my Dad yesterday which was lovely too.  We were talking a lot about my Pop and all the things we remember about him.  I'm lucky to have so many great Dad's in my life.   I know that my boys couldn't have wished for a better Dad than Aaron.  He does with them what they want the most - spends time with them, and they love him so much for it.  We love you honey - Happy Father's Day!   Don't forget I'm the boss again tomorrow though! ;)


  1. Love Aaron's new Hawks top.
    Looks like you had a great day. Love the photos.
    Love Mum.

  2. HAPPY Father's day! Your Family of boys is just so cute! LOVE the cards!

  3. Hi Lisa.
    I don't know if it would be of assistance with Noah's hayfever, or if it would be possible to use, but I've started a natural remedy from the naturopath at Riverside which is made from magnolia flowers. It is supposed to be non-drowsy & has worked fantastically for me.

  4. Haha, we are so alike, Benny asked Job if he could do something today and Job said 'no.' So he turned around and asked me. I asked him why he asked me when dad had already said no and he said "because you're the boss."

  5. Hi Lori. It's not Ellen Allen you see is it? Thanks heaps for letting us know, but we already have some natural stuff from our naturopath too. It doesn't work as well as we would hope, but that's usually the way with Noah :)

  6. Yep, it is - sorry, didn't realise you had a naturopath already. Hayfever is terrible so I feel for him - such a terrible side effect of such a lovely time of the year otherwise.

  7. Hi again Lori. No worries at all. I really appreciate the suggestion, as you never know what may oray not work unless you give it a go. It just clicked it may be Ellen as she is a friend of ours :)


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