Saturday, 17 September 2011

It's that time of the year again...

when there is a lot of stress in the house as it's footy finals time.  Yeseterday we went ten pin bowling with the Family Based Care school holiday program.  One of the support workers that we love barracks for Sydney and during the week she had been talking to Aaron about the big game last night between Hawks and Sydney.  They both decided that they should turn up in their footy gear yesterday and talked footy all morning. 

Poor Chrish arrived from Sydney yesterday for five days, and had to put up with watching the Hawks V Sydney with Aaron (and Mum) last night.

It was a pretty tense game especially during the third quarter and there were a lot of choice phrases coming from Aaron.  No swearing, just things like 'good on ya ranga!', and 'yeah have a free kick because you're soft!' etc.

It's going to be another tense weekend next weekend.  I have to say that it's probably best that Hawthorn don't make the grand final as I don't think I can put up with the stress like I had to a few years ago!

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