Monday, 5 September 2011

Lamb Time

I love this time of the year.  Not only are the blossoms out, but there are lambs running around Mum and Dad's paddocks which is always fun for the kids to see.  On Saturday the three boys and I made a spur of the moment decision to drive out to Mum and Dad's to see the lambs as we knew Jared and Becky would also be out there.    Nicki and Alex and the kids also joined us, so we made an afternoon of it, and had a BBQ tea.

I always love going out to Mum and Dad's.  It's always so relaxing and the kids have such a great time playing together. 

Maddie and Kelsea told me that the boys weren't allowed on the swings with them as it was their 'fairy castle' or something girly like that :)

Jay did what all boys love to do and rode the four wheeler all afternoon.  Grandma and Linc even hopped on for a couple of laps around the house.

I love this photo of Jay and Linc looking at each other.

Dad fired up the barbie, and Jay spent the rest of the afternoon watching the fire burn, and starting a few little fires himself! It's amazing how boys and fires just seem to go together.

Jared took all the kids for a ride in the trailer, into the paddock to see the lambs.  The kids thought it was the best thing ever going for a ride in the trailer. It reminded me of when we were kids and would jump on the back of Pop's landrover and go down the river for a swim.

We jumped out to see if we could catch a lamb for the kids to pat.

These two crazy girls lost their pants just before we went for a ride, and thought they were hilarious prancing around in their undies and gumboots in the paddock.
At first the kids just ran around crazy chasing the sheep and cows. 

I could see there was no way that they were going to catch a lamb.   It's unbelievable how fast they are!  I decided to join in on the chase and ran around the paddock like a crazy woman, trying to get them into a corner and then diving at them.  Jared joined in with me, and thank goodness he did as he finally caught one (and went down on the ground in the meantime!).

I love Linc's face here - so fascinated by the lamb.

Harri is usually really scared of animals, thanks to a big dog who scared him a few years ago, but he recently had a lamb visit his class at school, so he was so excited to pat it.

We all went back to the house for tea very muddy, after running around a very wet paddock.

No ride on a trailer is complete without a bit of squeeling!

Jared has a metal detector and had lots of fun showing the kids how it works.

Harri was so excited to have a turn of digging up the yard to try to find some metal.  There used to be a very old run down house on the spot where Mum and Dad's house now is, so there would be a lot of old metal underground.

Mum came out of the house after tea and discovered what Jared and Harri was doing to her beautiful lawn!  This was her reaction!

Before we left Jarom and Jess came for a visit.  It was lovely to see them and their beautiful girls, especially Shelby who I hadn't met yet.

We had a great afternoon.  We are looking forward to a lot more BBQs at Mum and Dad's as the weather warms up.


  1. I'm so behind on your blog Lisa, but this looks like so much fun. I love your mums place....the big green paddocks are beautiful. Love all the photos..

  2. Maybe next time we will have a lamb roast!!!
    Sad here today with the lambs....enough said about that. Love Mum.

  3. Your mum and dad have the best place. Wish we could live in the country!! I didn't even know Jarom had another bub. I'm so behind. She's gorgeous and has his eyes hey! Loved the action shot of you chasing the lambs Lisa.

  4. my mum had lambs too
    Then we would go and have lamb roast... :(
    Love the photo of you're MUM about the grass!!!
    Those spur of the moment visit's are the best!!

  5. Oh my Goodness! Maddie is like a mini me of Lorraine!!! WOW!

  6. I'm loving your Mum went on the trailer ride. Go Lorraine!!! It sounded like a pretty good afternoon. Didn't need to go to the gym with all that lamb chasing going on. ;)

  7. Love all the photos. I'll have to get a copy of them sometime. Mum's face is a classic! I think Linc would happily take one of those lambs home. He is absolutely besotted with dogs. We need to do it again sometime, as there's been even more lambs born.

  8. Cute :) Love the pics. How did Kobe like them?? Love your mum's face while Harri is digging up her lawn!

  9. Kobe wanted nothing to do with the lamb Mak- that's why there's no pics of him with it :)


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