Sunday, 11 September 2011

Bike Centre Holiday Fun

We love the bike centre. It's such a great place for the kids to play, and it's great having the whole place to ourselves for a couple of hours.  Yesterday we hired it out just to break up the school holidays a bit, and had a few friends come for a play with us.

How cute are Flynn and Chloe!?!

The big 'kids' usually love the bike centre just as much as the little ones.

We've already got it booked for the summer school holidays and can't wait for another play!


  1. We will make sure we make it in the Summer holidays - wont be long!

  2. Thanks for covering for me Noah - you know me too well not wanting to really be in any shots, unless Mum does ALOT of photoshopping!!! :) I love that one of Noah with the sun behind him too. Maybe Flynn and Chloe should hook up with their cute little beanies!!! ;)


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