Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Dance Fever

Jalen surprises me all the time with how much he loves performing - whether it be singing in the school choir, dancing or acting. Last year he went along with his school to watch 'Dance Fever' which is put on my Launceston College each year. Students from the college do most of the dances, but local primary schools also partipate in a couple of dances.  He absolutely loved watching it and decided last year that he wanted to be in it this year.

For a couple of months he has been learning and practicising a couple of dances with a group of kids from his school.  We have been getting lots of sneak peaks of the dances as he shows us at home (many times!).

I love that he doesn't care whether his friends are doing it or not, but just wants to do something that he loves.   He said he was the only boy out of his class to want to go in it, but there were a few other boys from other classes who also went in it.   It was held last week and Mum and Dad also came to watch it with us. 

The first dance they did was 'Cotton Eyed Joe'.  Their school had the most kids participate, and it was awesome seeing them all up there together having a great time  (Jay is the shorty in the middle of the photo with the light coloured shirt and black hat).

He did a great job and got the moves down really well.

This is just a little bit of 'Cotton Eyed Joe'.

Their grand finale was 'Another One Bites The Dust' which they did with the other primary schools.  I was VERY surprised that they actually put him in the front row.  He said that he told the girl that taught them the dance that he had been practicising (and practicising and practicising!) and she told him that she could tell and ended up putting him the front row.  I loved seeing him with the big grin on his face, knowing he was having such a good time.

I'm sad that it's his last year in primary school as I'm not sure he will get the same opportunity next year, but am glad he decided to go in it this year, and had a ball doing it. I hope that as he gets older he will continue to just want to do things that he loves, even if his friends aren't doing it.


  1. Nice one Jaylen! No wonder he beats you all on the Wii ;)

  2. He is sooo good!! I love how he enjoys it so much :)

  3. Love that Jay is so confident in himself. He has a real talent on the stage.

  4. Hi Lisa, you may remember me - Sheridan, a friend of Alison's. I contacted you not long after Noah's passing. I was just reading your latest post, and this one about Dance Fever happened to pop up! I actually played bass guitar in the band that day, and was so excited to see that you'd uploaded a video of 'Another One Bites The Dust' in which I was playing. I read your blog every day, and it was so lovely to hear a little part of me on here! I know I'm a little (or a lot) late, but thank you for sharing! :)

    Your posts are always so beautiful, courageous and inspiring. I really admire your family's strength, and I often look to your posts when I am in need of strength myself. Love to you all. xxx


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