Friday, 16 September 2011

Best Friends

At least once a week Kobe and I are at the hospital either collecting meds or feeds for Noah, or taking him to an appointment. Kobe loves going there and every time we drive past the hospital he yells 'there 'tis!'. If I say we aren't going there today he bursts into tears as he always wants to go there. I'm not sure whether it's the packet of mixed lollies that he usually gets from the kiosk, or getting stickers from the girls are pharmacy, but he absolutely loves the place.

Because it's school holidays we all went in yesterday to collect Noah's supplies and also to get him weighed as we have no way of weighing him at home.  Kobe was so excited to have his brothers with him and walked up the hall holding both of their hands saying 'best friends!'.

When we get Noah's feeds we always have to take them out to the van on a trolley which Kobe loves, as he hitches a ride underneath.  All the old people who walk past love it and have a bit of a chuckle.

This was Kobe this morning telling the boys they are his 'best friends'.   They definitely have the usual sibling love/hate relationship.  One minute he's saying this to them and the next minute they are fighting.   Hopefully they will continue to be 'best friends' as they get older.


  1. Gahhh I'm so excited to see them. I want cuddlez or NO PRESENTZ.

  2. Ah, brothers- gotta love it!

  3. Do they still sing that "were best friends" jingle on Giggle and Hoot???
    We used to sing it all the time.. Eden would take turns.. Kobe and her and then Lizzie and her!!

  4. ooohhh you are lucky to have them.


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