Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Family Portrait

When we had our photo taken for the Run for a Wish article in The Examiner the photographer was really lovely and patient with us.  Harri kept wanting to take off running like we were actually in a race which kept ruining the photo as he was miles ahead of us.  After a few takes he finally got the shot he wanted for the article, and then got us to sit down so he could take a different shot of us together.  The whole time all I was thinking about was that I wished I had the photographers equipment! 

We looked up the photos online as the other photo he took wasn't in the paper, and ended up buying both the photos and have them framed ready to go on the wall. 

This was the second shot he took.  It's not the type of photo I usually like as it's more posed than I would like, but I still love it.  We are all in it (usually it's just Aaron and the boys), we are all looking at the camera and we all have our eyes open (thanks Noah for staying awake!).  Kobe's serious face totally cracks me up as he is usually anything but serious, but we kept telling him to look at the photographer, and was glad he just did what we asked him.

It's nice to finally have a recent family portrait of all of us together.


  1. I want to say 'like' but your photos are so much better! SO much better (you should have his job) Seriously....sorry!!

  2. I love this picture! Oh you are such a beautiful family!~

  3. It's lovely :)

    He didn't notice the tree branch across his lens?

  4. Lol Alison. I'm pretty sure he did that on purpose as he went bush bashing to get behind a tree so he could use it as a bit of framing

  5. I really like it - so cute :) I love the running one too.
    Where were they taken?


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