Thursday, 8 September 2011

School Holiday Fun

So much for deciding to do something 'fun' with the boys yesterday while we were out and about.  We thought we would take the van through the car wash as it desperately needed a wash, and the boys have always loved going through the automatic car wash.  

Kobe thought it was anything but fun!  He screamed the entire time yelling for it to 'stop!' and kept saying 'it's scaring me!!!'.   It reminded me of Jalen who did the same thing at a similar age.

I guess I won't be taking him through the car wash again any time soon. Looks like it's back to the buckets and sponges for a little while.


  1. Do they still have those car washes around?! I haven't seen a proper carwash like that in years. I always remember a picture book about a child that was scared of the carwash. Kobe reminded me of it!

  2. Oh poor Kobe! Look at his sad little face..


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