Sunday, 25 September 2011

Footy Pump

There's nothing like drowning your sorrows after Hawthorn loses the preliminary final by three points, than with a can of coke and meat pie that you are given after 'Footy Pump' at the gym.

It's great fun when the gym has theme classes.  It started off with the national anthem...

and also half time entertainment! 

It's always good for a laugh and heaps of fun.

Love my gym buddies.  We had a lovely lunch and catch up afterwards. 

I think Flynn loved hanging with us too.  You wouldn't have even known he was there.

Time to get back to the gym to work off all the yummy food we ate! :)


  1. wow! you guys get SO many people to your classes, i wish our gym had theme days! so fun

  2. You are having too many CUBE visits without ME!!!!

  3. I love seeing Gym junkies eating junk :)


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