Friday, 9 September 2011


On Harri's birthday the school footy team that Aaron coaches played in their grand final.  They had a great season and beat all the other schools by an average of 90 points during the season.  Harri, Kobe and I went along to watch and the boys were so excited to be hanging out with him during the day.

We thought it would be an easy win, but boy we were wrong!  It was a really close game, which meant that Aaron was really stressed (imagine him watching Hawthorn play the Cats and then double the stress!).  He actually doesn't really care whether they win or not, but just encourages the boys to play well as a team and knew how disappointed they would've been if they hadn't lost all year, and then lost the grand final.

The week before one of the students from the school Dad's had passed away and some other students had their grandfather pass away, so in memory of them the boys and Aaron all wore black armbands.

I love listening to Aaron in the breaks as he revs them up.  Harri kept quoting what he was saying 'pain is only temporary, memories are forever!', '15 minutes of hard work is all that is left', 'when you are tired look down at your jumper and remember who you are playing for and think of all those other boys who are sitting in a classroom right now', 'look at your arm bands and do it for them!'.

In the end they won by 17 points, and they were all very excited after having such a great year.  It's nice seeing Aaron go so well with coaching his teams.  This is the third year in a row that his junior football team has won their grand final.  Last year they also had a perfect season with no losses.

He's hoping that next year he might get to coach a senior team, but will wait and see next year.

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